29 Oct 2007

Talking Shite

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Would you be willing to donate time you already spent, to help give people more time to live?

This is international breast cancer month. It’s why I actually started putting up the pink images here. At the time I joked about what would be done with Bowel Cancer Awareness month. Bowel cancer does not have any glamour to it. We are talking about a part of the body which we tend not to think about until something goes wrong.

Two things occured this week and it sparked an idea. One where I’ll need your help.

I listened to the Podcast Sisters creating a book by re-using your blog (I’m paraphrasing). And I came across Chris Anderson talking about Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the World’s Top Bloggers by Mike Banks.
Bank’s book is a series of interviews with bloggers. Sales are presumably going to be based on the fact that everyone likes to see their name in print…

Which is where “Talking Shite” comes from.

A book of Irish bloggers (which means Bloggers in Ireland, from Ireland or about Ireland) by Irish bloggers doing what we do best. Talk and blog (same thing really).
This is about being a patron, not being patronising to a cause.

Would you be willing to donate a blog post for inclusion in a book which would be sold in aid of bowel cancer?

Would you be willing to donate time you already spent, to help give people more time to live? And would you buy the book? And get your friends to buy the book?

Let me know in comments and such?
Will Knott

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6 Responses to “Talking Shite”

  1. GammaGoblin Says:

    Excellent idea! It’s brilliant on so many levels. You could raise an awareness on both the disease and internet use in Ireland (both of which badly need some highlighting). The spooky thing is I made a relevent comment in a recent blog post about internet related colon cancer.

    As long as the included posts werent all in the vain of “oh isnt it sad to die of cancer” or “my dad had cancer” or “i feel so sorry for those people”… No, none of that talk.

    I think its a great idea! I also think it wont sell even ten copies… but then again they thought the same about Mein Kampf, and look where Hitler got with that yoke!

  2. Grannymar Says:

    Nice idea Will!

    I take it you want a post already published in the normal run of events.

  3. Anna Says:

    As one of those Podcast Sisters…of course you can have an article from me. I lost someone very close a few years ago so a subject close to my heart…let me know what and when

    Anna from The Engaging Brand

  4. cork-host Says:

    I think it makes sense to take an article already posted in the normal run of events.

    While I was article, I’m not above expanding this idea to photo(blogging) (raises the cost of producing the book) and podcasts (CD or download)… however I don’t know if its a viable idea.

    Funnily enough I put this past someone from a cancer charity (won’t say which one) and she didn’t get it (but I’m going to get e-mailed cancer information).

    I’d like to get more Irish bloggers interested in this, but in the meantime, pick a post and hang on to it…

    What am I looking for… I’m not sure, but if you pick a favourite, then it says something about you… which is enough.

  5. Hails Says:

    Hi Will, Grannmar linked me here and I’d like to be involved. Feel free to get in touch if you go ahead with it! :) Sounds like a great idea.

  6. Baino Says:

    Love to if it gets off the ground and yes I agree, no ‘my dad died of cancer’ (although he did). One small problem . . .I’m not Irish!

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