18 May 2008

Toe Jammed Blurrs

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I’m knackered. Even my vision is blurred :)


This is the effect from travelling halfway across the country to meet a bunch of photobloggers for a photowalk. Or in this case, it began with a trip to the ToeJam car boot sale at the back of the George Bernard Shaw pub in Portabello.

the collection 1 at rest
Which means that I’m now the proud owner of more books, a CD, the “best of” Mongrel collection and a new laptop. Actually an old heavy laptop which drove me to do silly things. It was going for €10, and at the moment it’s hard disc is getting a little TCL (via Spinrite) to make sure that it’s working.  If anything interesting shows up, I’ll blog it.

the collection 2 Darren, RedMum and Alexia chill

I will admit to a little camera envy. Mines small enough to fit in my (admittedly big) hands. Rather than the large lensed creatures the others were using. However something that fits in the pocket attracts a lot less attention.

the collection 3  no rest for the Triona

It was nice meeting some semi-familiar faces like Red Mum, Gingerpixel and Alexia, as well as new faces such as Davy Mc Donald, Caitriona, Iced Coffee, Nathalie Marquez Courtney and Eoghan Casey, and the other Eoin. But it was great (and a little weird) to meet some folk I know because I’ve been following their photos and websites for ideas, namely Darren Greene and McAWilliams.

Later on in the proceedings Debz showed up. So next time, how about something food related for the photomeet?

The results of out endavours will be appearing on our blogs, but keep an eye of the Flickr pool and the Pix.ie tags.

take care,
Will Knott

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16 Responses to “Toe Jammed Blurrs”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Sounds like a great time was had by all.

    I see you managed to capture some pink ;)

  2. will Says:

    so much of it too

  3. Phil Says:

    Not long back in belfast, had a great weeekend. Good to meet you :)

  4. will Says:

    and nice to catch you too

  5. darren Says:

    very nice to meet you Will. I got sunburn which is a sign of a great day.

  6. will Says:

    Sorry to hear that we actually caused you pain. Windburn was possible towards the end of the evening.

  7. Deborah Says:

    Great to meet you Will. You think we can convince Sabrina to use the carrot in the peppers pic for my new blog header!? The innuendos are genius! :)

  8. will Says:

    Well, you could offer everything from good solo shots (recipe for one serving), to an orgy of servings (smorgasbord).
    Or your could simply find out if they would like a good plumper

  9. Deborah Says:

    You’re incorrigible! :D

  10. will Says:

    yes. Your point?

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  12. McAWilliams Says:

    Will, I have to say it was a pleasure meeting you, in relation to the photos you took, there aint nothing wrong with them at all, the group shots are excellent, remember its not the size of the gear you have, its how you use it, something I am still learning on a daily basis.

    Although now that I think of it money can help too if you think of how myself Caitriona and Phil nearly wet ourselves playing with Claires camera.

  13. will Says:

    Robert, I think we could all do with the money. However having something small and powerful means I can use it in public while causing a minimum of fuss.

    Ok, that just sounds rude. Deborah, you’re right.

  14. David D McDonald Says:

    Great to meet you on Saturday, I really enjoyed the Photomeet. Hope fully be down there again sometime, I’ll keep an ear to the ground for the Dublin Flickr crowd.
    – Took me a whole day to thaw out after the rooftop garden session…

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