31 May 2008

i <3 Lamp

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i heart lamp

I love (or at least heart) lamp.

I don’t get the reference, but I’m happy to join in.

But, unlike others I’m not going to take it too far.

take care,
Will Knott

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4 Responses to “i <3 Lamp”

  1. Rick Says:



  2. Darragh Says:

    Hey Will

    This may help explain things.

    As may this

    All to do with Anchorman you see, as so much in this life is…


  3. will Says:

    Ok I sort of get it now.
    Thanks for the Clip Rick
    And Darragh, thanks for the quotes link. I thought afternoon delight was some kind of pudding, I hope those quotes prove me wrong.

  4. Darragh Says:

    You’re most welcome sir!

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