5 Jun 2008

Red, Green and munch

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I might stick out like a tomato here, but I’d like a food camp.

red and green

And I do mean a FoodCamp, not a big food based party, but hands on classes followed by a bloggers dinner, cooked by bloggers. The germ of this idea seems to be Laurent Haug. He proposed the idea of getting Grandmas to cook a dinner for bloggers. The Grandma who loves to cook gets to take over a restaurant, kitchens and all, and cook up dinner for a hoard of hunger bloggers. I found out about this due to CBC’s Spark podcast, who are trying out the first Canadian Grandma Dinner on June 9 in Toronto.

So I asked certain food blogger, Ms. Grannymar who pointed out the obvious; she didn’t think she would be able to cook for a clutch of toyboys let alone a hoard of bloggers.

So I have a slightly different position… a FoodCamp (I’m sure that a CampBar for wine, and cocktails is possible). This is there food bloggers get together, and offer to teach the making of a single dish to a group within an hour plus clean-up (baking and roasting which take longer could be timed so that another session could take over the kitchen in the meantime). So a lot of people who love food, get to learn how to make their own good food.

It sounds odd, but try pasteurising eggs without scrambling them by working from a book.

So at the end of the day, there is a lot of food. So let’s have a bloggers dinner to get everyone around, alternatively arrange the food to be delivered to a charity (or invite a few reps from the charity in question to present and pick what they want).

The first solution to be found, is to get an idea if there is any interest?

Is it a wining idea?

And the next thing is, should this take place in a restaurant kitchen (which tend to be small) or a school or college with better catering facilities? And would or could you suggest a location?

take care,
Will Knott

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4 Responses to “Red, Green and munch”

  1. Deborah Says:

    I know I owe you an email on this! So swamped right now…

    Why bother with all the cooking facilities? Just a good old potluck would be great craic!

    We are actually trying to arrange a foodblogger get together in the Autumn. The consensus is somewhere in the Midlands, as the majority of them are in Limerick, with the rest of us spread from Belfast to Cork! Suits me just dandy! :)

    I am bringing some foodie stuff to open BBQ, if that counts?:)

  2. will Says:

    oh yes. I’ll be there, and a nom nom nom is not out of the question.
    Reading the Murphy’s Book of Sweet Things by the IceCreamIreland.com brothers, and I’m thinking of assembling a few sorbet tests, if they survive the trip.

  3. Grannymar Says:

    I can see where Will is coming from. A cross between Ready, Steady Cook and a Catering College where students/non-cooks prepare and cook the dishes with guidence and under supervision and later enjoy tasting their work in good company.

    I would love to have a go but alas … health prevents.

  4. Darragh Says:

    Exellent idea Will. Would love to participate!

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