7 Jun 2008

Off Grid

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Tomorrow I’m going off grid for a while
off grids
and going to the Doneraile Photowalk at 3pm.

I’ve even gotten access to a GSP (and a friend with camera to read maps if that fails) to get there. Given my ability to get lost while traveling, the technology is a good idea.

Given the things I’ve seen (and photographed) while lost, maybe not. Anyway, I’ve asked Donncha to post the GPS coordinates on his latest post and see if I can find it.

take care (and see you there?)
Will Knott

oh the above photo. Since I’m commuting to and from Cork again, I’m taking shots along the way (the bus driver doesn’t mind). However early morning (low light) shots from a moving bus (fast shutter speed) is needless to say, less than ideal. Taking the shots in black and white seems to help a little.
Expect a few more to show up here.

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3 Responses to “Off Grid”

  1. Bernie Goldbach Says:

    If you’re committed to an offline stance, hooking up over coffee becomes even more important, don’t you think?

  2. will Says:

    I disagree. Slightly. A large pot of tea beats a small sup of coffee.

    But nothing beats company. Missing the commuting jaiku conversations. Next time your calling down, blog/tweet/jaiku if you’re sticking around in advance

  3. will Says:

    You couldn’t scout a route for a photomeet on the rock of Cashel could you?

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