11 Jun 2008

Where faries dare to shed

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a fairy shed skin
Its another Doneraile Park shot I sort of wandered off down a dark footpath, and came across a few things. Given that most of my 50+ shots of the deer were all out focus due to an incorrectly attached lens, I’m pleased with my dark shots.

Cottingley Fairy pic. Frances with the fairies, taken by Elsie in July 1917.

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This shot, appears to have the outline of a tiny torso. Do faeries (or fairies) shed their skin like lizards and some insects?

What happens at the bottom of the garden? With extra naked fay?

No wonder roses blush.

And speaking of going bare, I’m volunteering with the Cork Midsummer Festival, and it likes I might be helping out with the “putting together” / “herding” of the Spencer Tunick photograph taking place in Cork on Tuesday 17 2008. I doubt I’ll see anything with wings.

And no it is not going to be a photo walk!

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UPDATE 16 June 2008. I won’t be involved with the Spencer Tunick photographic shoot. I’ll explain in person.

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3 Responses to “Where faries dare to shed”

  1. Donncha O Caoimh Says:

    So that’s what you were doing in the bushes, looking for naked fairies?

  2. will Says:

    And you wondered why I was in there for so long

  3. Katie Corcoran Says:

    Don’t be sure that you won’t see wings tomorrow, you have heard of bingo wings?
    How does one manage to get a job as a ‘fluffer’ for a shoot like that. Also, I am curious about what safety gear is required? Please advise.

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