14 Jun 2008

and in the darkness find you

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It’s amazing what reaches out of the dark.

in the darkness find you

The funny thing is, these photos were all taken in brilliant sunshine. You see, while the other Doneraile Walkers were content to stay on the sunlit path, I was entranced by the path less trodden (or at least unpaved) running next to it.

dark paths

The thing about cameras is; they aren’t as good as the human eye. They can’t focus as well, and they can’t see in the dark (infra red photography aside). Shadows look deeper than they really are. The flash goes off in well lit places.
So that semi-lit path above, appears to be really, really dark.

So the flash gives results it really shouldn’t.

And things look

young lords and laidies

a little odd.

take care in the dark,
and always try the path less taken; you’ll never know what you’ll see.
Will Knott

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3 Responses to “and in the darkness find you”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    I might be afraid out there!

  2. will Says:

    I’m sure you could always bring a toyboy don the dark alley with you :)

  3. Gareth Athame Says:

    Some really nice night shots there ^^

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