11 Jul 2008

Work as a cloud

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If I have the timing right, this will be uploaded while I’m at an interview, so it seems timely.

My CV as a tag cloud

Robin Blandord came up with the idea to run his CV through Wordle.net to see what it would look like as a tag cloud. It’s been repeated by Ellybabes, Sinéad Cochrane and Paul Browne. Sorry that it’s in simple black & white and not visually pleasing as the others; I thought about adding it to my physical CV or embed it in the files to see if there was a change in uptake. Given that most (if not all) recruitment agencies parse the résumés they recieve through something similar, it might make sense. Wordle is a Java application which parses text, ignores common words, and creates a tag cloud. The size of the word is proportional to the how often it occurs in the CV.

Putting something like a résumé through it might take a bit of tweaking. Plurals are (currently) counted separately, and other common phrases show up. I needed to tweak my CV to stop my address showing up in the tag cloud for instance.

The other thing is how “management” looms large over both “software” and “database” (with “sql” peeking in there). I didn’t expect that, nor expect to see something similar on the other technical people’s clouds.

Does it give an accurate picture which should be used as a reflection or consideration for employment, or is it really easy to “game” the results to create an artificial profile?

And given the full social media treatment, does a tag cloud of a persons delicious account cast a different reflection than their résumé?

So then,
You hiring?

take care,
Will Knott

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4 Responses to “Work as a cloud”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    Great idea to post this while your at an interview, good luck!

  2. Grannymar Says:

    Hope the interview went well.

    One of these days I might try a cloud. If I put my blog through it, what word do you think would dominate? :roll:

  3. will Says:

    I just tried it out. For some reason Ferrari beats toyboy!

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