27 Aug 2008

Liable in a public space

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I’m trying to see if I can get the Pink for October Ireland project running with publicity for September 20. In Cork at least… more on that, see below.

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Trying. Having trouble getting the domain I want due to user account isues and only being able to get online long after office hours are over.

And I’ve had a new problem presented before me.

In order to have the photographers meet the models in a public space, I’ll need to complete a “Form PS” off the Roads and Transportation Directorate of Cork City Council. This is the licence to use a public area for an activity or event. If you want to have this event in your city, you’ll need a similar form off your local council. I’m applying for Cork.

However, in order to do this event, legally, you need to have public liability insurance for a minimum of €2.5 million for a single incident.

Somehow I don’t think such cover comes cheap.

Without the cover, no approval (or so it seems) and without the approval, well …

  • no publicity which means
  • few if any models which means
  • not much of a point

And its not just Cork. If there are going to be nationwide events, cover will be needed for every meeting venue. And this is a bunch of people getting together (a photo-walk essentially), not a club or society. So there are no funds to use for this.

I will be asking the council nicely, but I don’t know if its possible right now.

Is there a way around this? Any advice or suggestions?

take care,
Will Knott

update September 3 2008. The 2008 Pink for October Ireland portraits won’t be happening. Details in this post.

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9 Responses to “Liable in a public space”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    You reminded me of something. Years ago when we held Flag days – charity collections on the streets or house to house – we needed a police permit. It was necessary to book the date well in advance with them. Will that be needed for PFO as well?

    I love the whole idea of the Pink for October Ireland project, but each day we seem to hit another buffer. To date I have not had a reply from Action Cancer in Belfast.

    Perhaps for this year we should put the new idea on hold and at some stage in the near future have a meeting with interested parties to sort out all the areas that need covering and allocate tasks for next year. There is far to much work for one person, it the idea is to go country-wide.

  2. Grannymar Says:

    *if the idea is to go country-wide.

  3. Lottie Says:

    Will – ask the council if you get everyone involved to sign liability wavers will the Insurance be necessary.

    Talk about standing in the way of good work!

  4. WillKnott.ie » Blog Archive » Just effin do it Says:

    […] I blogged about the obstacles with doing the pink portraits event as a way to raise funds as an Irish twist on the […]

  5. will Says:

    @Lottie unfortunately the liability could include rubber-neckers crashing their cars while watching a photoshoot. No way have those passing drivers signed anything, but they can still sue.

    @Grannymar You could always meet your toyboys in private and provide photographic evidence. A pink photomeet or photowalk is a workable alternative, but no fundraising that way.

  6. Nathalie Says:

    Just came across this now. Such a shame! What about not having it in a public space? Hotels, art galleries and gig venues will already be covered by public liability so you’d just have to find a location nice enough to let you use their space! Models may prove a bit more difficult, but getting bloggers to come for portraits of themselves, or their kids, friends, etc, might be a way for it to work, albeit on a smaller scale?

  7. will Says:

    Hi Nathalie, I’m having a few words with the Cork City Library about this topic. Almost a year to book is a god start.

  8. sw Says:

    why do need models

  9. will Says:

    Well it isn’t going to happen but, I suspect you would be more willing to buy a picture of you as opposed to a picture of a pretty flower or something else.

    So a little “model hunt”. As I said, its not happening this year anyway.

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