28 Aug 2008

Just effin do it

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Yesterday I blogged about the obstacles with doing the pink portraits event as a way to raise funds as an Irish twist on the internet’s Pink for October.

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However the words of the worlds most unlikely guru, Pat Phelan of MaxRoam came to me.

When asked about doing a business idea he said “Just [effin] do it”. (I’m censoring)

The application has been dropped in. I’m waiting for PinkForOctoberIreland.org to resolve. I might end up meeting the four horseman of the internet, but I’m going to do it.

It may end up being a small quite pairing off of photographers and models rather than an officially sanctioned flash mob of people getting wonderful portraits taken, then those prints get donated to the Irish Cancer Society shop for display and sale. But something is going to happen.

Want to help?

Want to join in?

If this is unofficial, I want photographers and willing models. If you want to be part of this, then comment below, and I’ll contact you when the site is ready to accept people. While I’m looking at making this a sanctioned and not illegal event on September 20 2008 (I’m trying to get the use of Daunt Square as it is almost beside the Irish Cancer Society shop on Castle Street, the collection would make a great photosynth), there is nothing to stop a blind date between a photographer and a model. The web site will allow that.

You don’t have to be in Cork. If you are willing to create an event (and ask your town/city/conty council for permission. Do it. This is a charity event (where no money changes hands at the event) so it possible that the authorities will permit it. If you are willing to briefly pair up, (I can see more photographers agreeing than models) then something a little less official is always possible (blind date style). However a local organiser or administrator or coordinator is needed.

Even if approval is not given, its an excuse for a photowalk.

Don’t get mad: Volunteer.

If you’re willing to help out with a Joomla based site: Comment below and volunteer.

If you’re willing to pose for a photoblogger and then buy a print of that session from an Irish Cancer Society shop: Comment below and volunteer.

If you’re willing to take portraits of the above volunteers, modify the shots, create prints and donate them to an Irish Cancer Society shop: Comment below and volunteer.

If you’re willing to organise a meeting of photographers and models: Comment below and volunteer.

If you’ve been touched by cancer and are willing to be interviewed by a blogger : Comment below and volunteer (or blog about it yourself).

If you want to see a difference, you need to makeĀ  difference.

Let’s see if we can change the world,
Will Knott

update September 3 2008. The 2008 Pink for October Ireland portraits won’t be happening. Details in this post.

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4 Responses to “Just effin do it”

  1. Luke Says:

    Will, Blackthorn wants to help in any way it can! We’ll provide models and assistant photographer(s).

    Luke Field
    Blackthorn Theatre Company

  2. will Says:

    @Luke Thank you. And spread the word.

  3. Ovidiu Suteu Says:

    I am interested also as a photographer.

  4. will Says:

    The portrait event isn’t going ahead, but I’d be more than happy to have you on the photowalk.

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