3 Sep 2008

I fought the legal forms, and the legal forms won

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I had been looking forward to placing a call for photographers on the blog now and directing people to the PinkForOctoberIreland.org site to register as models and photographers.

But that is not to be. Instead, I’m afraid to say that there will not be a Pink portraits day on September 20th in Daunt Square, Cork.

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If I was to do go back in time to prepare the Pink idea again, I’d have to go back to June. Then I would…

  • Start the call for photographers.
  • Get then to register.
  • Explain that they need to register full contact details so that Gardai and City Council required
    • health and safety
    • traffic management plans
    • pedestrian management plans
    • first aid appointees
    • public liability insurance etc are in place.

    Also the Garda contact mentioned that mobile numbers (or at least contact numbers) of all the “staff” are required

  • Also the HSA have legal requirements for event with more than 3 staff

So that seems to be that.
I would like to have a photo-walk in its place. A meeting of photographers and photo-bloggers to wander around Cork City with their lenses out on a busy Saturday. How does 11am in Daunt Square sound as a meeting point? If you want to contact me, my details are in the about page.


Sorry to disappoint those who registerd on the (admittedly half built) PinkForOctoberIreland.org site, but if you’re interested in doing something; I’m planning on turning the pinkforoctoberireland site in to a blog aggregater for this year (should be up soon), and make plans for the photography next year.

If you want to blog, comment etc as part of Pink For October, register with the international PinkForOctober.org site. And when I have the aggregater up, register and tag your posts with “p4oi”.

If you want to do more, bring pink objects to donate to the ICS shop just off Daunt Square when you are coming on the photowalk. Should make us easy to spot.

And as for next year. I’ll take all the help I can get

Care to join me?
Will Knott

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9 Responses to “I fought the legal forms, and the legal forms won”

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  3. Grannymar Says:

    Hi Will,

    I think you have made a very wise decision.
    The list of rules, regulations and obstacles grew by the day and without proper time to cover and plan for all contingences; your excellent idea may have been lost for good. Don’t give up or consider that the time given this year was wasted. It will all go to making next years effort very worthwhile.

  4. Donncha O Caoimh Says:

    Would you believe it, my wife has a driving lesson at 11am that morning, and with lunch and baby naps it’ll probably be 3pm before I can head into town. If you’re still around at that time, and still in the mood for taking photos. hopefully we can meet up then!

  5. Luke Says:

    To quote Lyndon Johnson quoting Martin Luther King: we shall overcome. Next year we’ll do this and have it bigger, better and more effective than we’d ever have managed this time around.

  6. le craic Says:

    Will, if there’s anything I can do for you for next time e.g. graphics, flyers – let me know.


  7. will Says:

    Lady and Gentlemen, thank you.
    I will be asking for help later on. And I will be offering it too.

  8. Ovidiu Says:


    I’m up for it. Hopefully the weather wont let us down.


  9. WillKnott.ie » Blog Archive » Its Alive, Alive I tell you Says:

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