I wanted to do more. I wanted to use the Pink For October meme to generate funds for Cancer Research.

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Maybe next year.

And I set up the Pink for October Ireland with the intention of using it as a hub, to allow the photos to be registered with the models and to display some of the finest shots.

Maybe next year.

But as I said, I registered the site, and I want to use it. Join me.

This year.

The Pink for October Ireland site is now an aggregator site. Register with the site and when you post about Pink For October  using the category p4oi (that’s a letter, a number and two letters) the software will pick it up. I know its working for WordPress blogs, and I just know I’m going to have fun with Blogger, Typepad, pix.ie, flickr etc. but I’m going to give this a shot. The registration is moderated (by humans too), but the posts are not.

Come on over and register.

Pass it on. If you know someone in Ireland (or from Ireland) who is going to do something for Pink for October on their blog, let them know.

Join in,
Will Knott


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