Bumblebee : A blogmas Christmas


Sometimes I wish I wasn’t bright yellow. But not very often.

That first Christmas morning I stood brightly under the tree on my wheels. Shining not as brightly as the tree lights, but proudly and brightly. The sounds of food being turned in to a breakfast are made beyond the door. Things are calm.
Then there is a thump. Followed by more thumps as a child scrambles down the stairs and the noise gets louder as nearer. Then a small round child appears. I see a face spread in to a broad grin. Within seconds I am sat on as bare feet find pedals and start to cycle me around the room.

But only start. Stabilisers aren’t really made for rooms with furniture.

Annoyed the round one shuffles off after being cajoled in to the room with the food sounds. Then more thumping and a fully dressed child appears and pulls me towards the door. Fortunately saner hands help carry me to the safety of the outdoors and tarmac. Then what becomes a ritual begins. Using black marker, the child’s name is written on my crossbar. Ownership.

Soon a child and bicycle are speeding down the road. The child’s first taste of freedom.

Over the years, miles are travelled. I’ve been dumped outside shops, fields, ditches. I’ve had labels stuck to me, but always removed, ice cream dripped on me and caked in many different kinds of mud. Scratches, dents and repairs.

But a child’s bike, while built to handle the toughest of roads, has one flaw; the child grows.

I’ve been passed on to siblings, cousins and neighbours. I’ve travelled around Ireland to different families. And each new excited child has crossed out the former owners name and had their own written on my crossbar. My once bright yellow frames is now stripped with the names and memories of many.
I’ve crossed seas. A little girl came from Belarus and I returned with her. I’ve been passed on since then.
Many hands.
Many feet.
Many first flights for this bumblebee.
Many first tastes of freedom.


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Update : I’ve added the actual story links now rather then just the blogs. Merry Christmas to all etc.

15 thoughts on “Bumblebee : A blogmas Christmas

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  2. I think children’s bikes only come in red, yellow, blue and now pink. To be honest, I sort of miss that bike. Its also a lot of kids first taste of freedom (until the stabilizers break for the first time)

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  4. The second-handedness of toys is the only thing that comforts me against the sadness about giving away an out-grown thing. Brilliant post, dude.

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  6. Ah, I remember my first bike. I was 7 so no stabilisers, just kept at it all evening until I got the hang of it and then in no time I was flying down the hills.

  7. I don’t remember my first bike. I remember my sister’s first bike but not mine. I must ask my parents about that later.

    Nice one Will, thanks for the memories. Have a great Christmas and New Year, dude!

  8. I too remember my sister getting her first bike, but I’ve no recollection of mine. There’s pictures, but I don’t remember it.

    I do remember a childhood neighbour of mine splatting his face on Christmas morning, riding his new bike down the hill beside our house…fun times.

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