And thus spake the Mulley

“The 2009 Irish Blog Awards shall take place on February 21 2009.

They shall be in Cork

And are open for nominations until January 14 2009

And they shall be good

except for the dancing

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

This year there are 2219 categories

  1. Best Popculture blog
  2. Best Blog from a Journalist
  3. Best Food/Drink Blog
  4. Best Crafts Blog Best Fashion Blog
  5. Best Arts and Culture Blog
  6. Best Political Blog
  7. Best Group Blog
  8. Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog
  9. Best Technology Blog/Blogger
  10. Best Sport & Recreation Blog
  11. Best Designed Blog
  12. Best News/Current Affairs Blog
  13. Best Specialist Blog
  14. Best Newcomer
  15. Best Business Blog Best Blog of a Business
  16. Best Music Blog
  17. Special Recognition Award
  18. Best Personal Blog
  19. Best Humor Post Blog
  20. Best Photo Blog
  21. Best Blog Post
  22. Best Blog (There is a best blog award, but its not a nominated one)

May the best bloggers win,
Will Knott

Update: somehow got the list very mixed up

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9 Responses to “nom nom nom 2009”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Cute pic!

  2. will Says:

    a genuine lolcat

  3. Donncha O Caoimh Says:

    Haha, best post about the blog awards yet :)

  4. will Says:

    I was wondering what to write, but when I sat the lolcat, I had to make my own.

    Feel free to use it. Aren’t all the lolcats creative commons shots?

  5. Donncha O Caoimh Says:

    Will – creative commons? I hope not because they used one of my images and it’s certainly not CC licensed!

  6. will Says:

    ouch. Sorry. I wonder who I need to ask forgiveness from?

  7. Savito Says:

    This cat looks like saying to the people that i own this money :) im the boss :)

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