14 Jan 2009

For those about to attend

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I’ve only ever made it to one of the Irish Blog Awards. And I want to go to this years (its in the CIA Hotel, great venue in Cork), but Ken was asking for tips for new attendees, yes this post started out as a comment. Most of the tips equally apply to the forthcoming TeenCamp Ireland event.

Here goes.

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Don’t be shy. Go and talk to people. The name tags are there for a reason.

Speaking of name tags; Don’t dress up in anything that might be ruined by sticky labels (I’ve heard stories).

Don’t be afraid to admit that you haven’t read their blog (but don’t be surprised if they have a hard time explaining what they blog about). Rick, who won best pop culture blog, didn’t know he was a pop culture blogger until he was nominated.

Do chat.

Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know something. Ask.
This is a new area for a lot of people. Some of use are experts that don’t know it yet. Don’t be surprised if none of the explanations match.

Be prepared to present (this is for TeenCamp and not the Blog Awards). If you think you know a topic really well, be prepared to put your name on the board to get up and talk about something.

Do listen. Telling everyone that you’re wonderful is all well and good, but listening to the responses may teach you where you can be better. Besides, talking and listening is called a conversation.

Don’t be intimidated if it appears that everyone knows everyone else. Some do, after all, they have spent the last year reading about each others lives. Some of these “old friends” may be having their first face to face meeting.

Don’t pretend you are “Twenty”.

Do have fun. (Terms and conditions apply. Fun levels can go up as well as down.)

Go dance. Someone has to.

Do take pictures if you are that way inclined. Don’t take pictures very late in the evening. Or at least, don’t upload. Hair will let down, even by those of us without any.

Start something. “The party ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings”, is wrong. Its over when she stops. Join in, keep the song going. Sometimes the song outlasts the singer in the same way that a chat becomes a tweet, becomes a blog post, becomes a news article, becomes a major incident, becomes an official resignation and arrest becomes slew of blog posts, news items, tweets and international best selling book.  It all starts when two minds meet and actually do things. Get the ball rolling.

Bloggers are people. Some are extroverts who want the world to know about them. Some are business people who are revealing life behind the curtain. Some are shy and reveal parts of their lives to help themselves and others. Some are story tellers, who have to write. Some are investigators who have to help and reveal truths. All are different, but share one thing;

They blog.
They write.
They talk.
Go chat.

Will Knott

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9 Responses to “For those about to attend”

  1. Ken McGuire Says:

    They’re all great tips and I think the majority of them were also aired on the PodCamp podcast this morning.

  2. will Says:

    Sorry if I “stole” anything. I’m not in a position to listen to the stream (which is why I unsubbed from the RSS feed for new streamable episodes. Actually haven’t heard it for a few months now)

  3. Grannymar Says:

    Great post Will!

    I was a newbie once and a scared one at that. Walking into a room full of ‘GEEKS’, who could blame me. ;) Then I discovered that they were all normal people like me!

  4. Stephen Says:

    Excellent post Will!!! Really excited about both events now! As both will be firsts for me! :D

  5. will Says:

    GrannyMar, you really think we’re normal? Normal is overrated.

    And Stephen, I assume I’ll bump in to you there then.

  6. Stephen Says:

    You shall Will! :D

  7. TheChrisD Says:

    I think I’m going to have to count the number of people who do one or more of those things this weekend :D

  8. Krishna De Says:

    Will – thanks – as Ken said we referenced them on this weeks show. I remember my fist ever BarCamp and I was nervous as I didn’t frequent the tech world – but you made yourself known to me and that was great.

    So another tip for us veterans of tech events and unconferences here in Ireland (meaning we have been to one event or more!) is make sure that we connect with people and don’t just stay with the familiar faces we met the last time.

    Remember it was our first time too not so long back.

  9. Irish Blog Awards 2009 at Hairyfish dot org Says:

    […] who have some pointers are Will Knott and Ken has a good post and the comments are worth a gander […]

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