23 Feb 2009

The lights are on

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but blogging will be very light for a while.


I was at the Irish Blog Awards last night (and congratulations to all the winners and everyone I met, you’re all gorgeous). I’ll write up more about it, but I still have to edit (red eye) and upload a lot more pictures.

we have a winner

Also tomorrow I’ll be at the XCake developers group meeting  in Dublin, that’s iPhone applications (and games) development. Will you call over?

take care,
Will Knott

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8 Responses to “The lights are on”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Good to know the lights are on again.

    Thank you for bringing my Grannymar name in foam back to Dublin last night.
    It was good to see you even for a few minutes.

  2. Katie Corcoran Says:

    Hey Will, Great to meet up with you again. See you at the next cork photowalk.

  3. will Says:

    @Grannymar it is alwaysa pleasure to meet you. Remember to take (or get someone to take) that negative name photo of you.
    And say hello to Tobias for me too.

    @Katie. Good to meet you too. I assume you’ve heard about the “field trip” for photowalkers?

  4. steph Says:


    You’re gorgeous too! :-)

    T’was good to meet you. What a great night it was. It was such fun, brilliant value and great craic!

    I remember saying to myself after last year’s event “I wonder if I’ll still be blogging by next year’s awards”. Now I know not to bother even asking.

    Here’s to next year!

  5. will Says:

    Its hard to stop blogging.
    Actually no, its easy to stop blogging, because its hard to blog on a regular basis.

    But you get an itching in your palms, and an idea in your head and the next thing you know, you’ve written a 400 word comment on someone elses’ site.

    Once you get in the habit of writing, its hard to stop.

  6. Katie Corcoran Says:

    ~~~@Katie. Good to meet you too. I assume you’ve heard about the “field trip” for photowalkers?~~~

    Say what????

  7. will Says:

    The st patrick’s day parade (and party) in dublin

  8. Katie Corcoran Says:

    Yes, I did know about that, but my visa is out of date. I’ll be staying in de people’s republic!

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