8 Apr 2009

A budget in the clouds

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Well the budget is over, and the government released the text of the Financial Statement (the budget preamble if you will) made my Brian Lenihan yesterday.

So I ran it through Wordle to see what patterns emerged.

wordle Statement of the Minister for Finance Mr Brian Lenihan, T.D. 7 April 2009

We have a big “government”, a large “tax” and a much smaller “payment”, “pay” and “spending”. Oddly, “Public” is almost as big as Government.

Now then, its unlikely that a Minister would put the text of their speech in to something like Wordle, but if they did, the resulting speech might be, well, interesting.

They have the statements from other years too. I think I might have to play with comparison tools (once I’m on a more powerful machine).

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Will Knott

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  1. Luke Says:

    Interesting how “Government” is bigger than either “State” or “Ireland”…

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