12 Jan 2010

Come September

Author: will | Filed under: Uncategorized, what if

Just wondering, given that so many people have been trapped in their homes due to the cold weather, with freezing pipes and heating breaking down; will there be a baby boom in September?

5 Responses to “Come September”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Perhaps. The shelves that cleared quickly from the supermarkets such as bread, milk etc, included condoms this time round!

  2. Mick Brennan Says:

    Haha i bloody well hope not lol

  3. will Says:

    So that’s what they mean by “going out for a few responsibles”

  4. will Says:

    Talking about the last big snow Ireland had in the 80s, and the mini baby boom that followed.

  5. dahamsta Says:

    Humans have been wondering about that since they hit Sapiens. More pertinently, they wondered about it on Ray Darcy’s show last week, and the stats apparently say no.

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