20 Jun 2010

How to attract lots of tourists to Ireland

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Small conversations on Twitter can sometimes lead to other things. What came up from George was this video of the opening credits of Hawaii Five 0.

Then Conor O’Neill pointed out that the TV show probably caused a huge increase in tourist numbers to Hawaii. So I got to wondering if it is possible to crowd source a script for a television series to show off Ireland at its finest.

A procedural drama might be easy, but there are a few catches. Only a few squads work throughout Ireland, homicide naturally is one of them, but most murders probably won’t attract a lot of tourists. Actually that isn’t true, deaths, even fake ones attract crowds, but would they spend?

Instead, let’s look at romance. Supernatural romance. Vampires are very popular when it comes to romance at the moment. Look at True Blood or the Twilight series for proof. However, the vampire area crowded. So let me think of a different set of supernatural lovers.


Fae, Bean Sí, leprechauns, the fairies. Those stories that lasted a long time in Ireland, and in the Irish legends they were mostly human adult sized and frequently mistaken for beautiful men and women (there are a few children sized ones too). Eoin Colfer is still writing about them in his Artemis Fowl series. His is a coming of age story for a master teenage criminal who keeps crossing paths with the fairy police force responsible for covering up the existence of the mystical folk, the L.E.P. Recon squad. I think this story should be about someone human discovering that the tales of the Bean Sí and the changelings aren’t fairy tales.

Fae Play. Cute name. The building works on the Hill of Tara that came about through the M3 should be a nice starting ground. What would happen if the people in the fairy tales, from Tír na nÓg, from the Fenian Cycle, from the stories of the Tuatha Dé Danann showed up. Them or, more sensibly, their descendants (the really odd thing about the ancient Irish gods was that they could grow old and die. Eventually, even if it takes 300 or 900 years, so descendants it is).

The series would be set in modern day Ireland, and with creatures across the land and tied to nature, they would naturally be set in places able to show off some of the country’s beauty. I can almost see selkies surfing in the North West.  A kelpie in Killarney. A kiss in the moonscape of the Burren.

Could it work? Goodness knows, but given that “supernatural romance” now has its own section in book shops, it worth knocking together something to make in to a web series at least.

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2 Responses to “How to attract lots of tourists to Ireland”

  1. Blackwatertown Says:

    Sounds like a plan. But anything dreamed up specifically for that purpose – to promote the country – would inevitably be dire. It would work as a by-product though. Fairies, etc sounds good. Or what about an Irish version of Skippy. With a… er… a dolphin. There you go. Set it in Dingle. Job done.

  2. will Says:

    Oh no, Character and story come first. But just as Twilight is a very American story and Harry Potter is a very British one, I would like to see an Irish story in the mix.

    Unless Artemis Fowl really will be a movie/tv series.

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