30 Jul 2010

Every Doctor Who Villian 1964-2010 Wordled

Author: will | Filed under: data, reuse, television

Exactly what it says on the tin. Here is a pretty wordle (OK, black and white, it should be in the new colours, but I’ll go with the 1963 style) of all the villains appearances in the TV series Doctor Who all prettied up.
The Guardian created the Google spreadsheet (crowd sourced by a lot of fans naturally) of all the villains in Doctor Who and why they did what they did. Take over the universe is a fairly popular reason. Something to remember for your end of year review.

I took a much simpler subset of their spreadsheet, simply the name of the villain and the number of episodes they have been in. Wordle has an advanced setting where instead of counting the words themselves, you can format the list of words in pairs in a Alpha:10 Beta:20 type format instead of having to type Alpha out ten times. Works fairly well for visualising your analytics as to how people find a site. Its not pure data visualisation. I still want to drop the spreadsheet in to Pivot and do some of the “why” analytics.

This time is simply a homage as to how often the Daleks have been on Doctor Who.
Wordle: Doctor Who villain since 1963 Click through for much bigger

And no, I’m not a rabid fan boy. I’d need to work on it more. Any other data sets I can play with?