10 Dec 2010

Scritch scratch

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For the first time in three weeks, I have heat. The electronics in my heating system failed, just in time for the cold snap. Desperate times call for desperate measures ; I stopped shaving my head.

I know that it sounds silly but think about it for a moment.  Really cold weather calls for woolly hats. Really really cold weather calls for wearing the woolly hat in bed. However a woolly hat requires traction, something to cling to. Yes, woollen hats tend to move up my head naturally and try to become, well, short Santa hats.

That means that I had to let my hair grow out for the first time in years. I’ve been shaving my head for a long time, shaving not clipping, so a day of stubble is the most that has grown up there for a while. I now know that I could pass as a silver daddy if I need to. And that quite a bit of my head is naturally covered in downey fluff.

That and that hair is itchy. I’ve never had an itchy beard, no idea why, but hair on my head feels wrong now. I’ll be chrome-domed for a long time by choice now.

And with fingers in warmer climates I hope to start blogging more; even if it is just blogging by phone.

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6 Responses to “Scritch scratch”

  1. Gammagoblin Says:

    Pix or it didn’t happen :)

  2. elly parker Says:

    I wanna see a photo of you with hair! Will you send me one?? :-)

  3. Tom Knott Says:

    Hair today, gone tomorrow. Re the itch, what shampoo are you using?

  4. will Says:

    @Gamma, @Elly I think you have permissions to see my cringeworthy (and recent) haired photos in Facebook

    @Tom Let me get back to you. Since it was too cold to shower at home I put together a little kit I used at a friends, and its still there. I do remember it was a summer thing I got cheap.

  5. TheChrisD Says:

    I see I’m not the only person demanding pictures :D

  6. will Says:

    @Tom Knott “Original Source Cassis and Blackcurrant”. Used it simply because the bottle was light, after all I wasn’t using it in my own shower.

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