27 May 2011

Swim or sing

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Luck plays a huge part in our lives. Of course sometimes we don’t call it luck. Sometimes we call it serendipity, sometimes we call it coincidence and sometimes we call it a friend of a friend.

That is how I first heard Jeffery Straker. He was a guest at the wedding of a friend of mine. The story of how that Irish bride who travels the world for fun bumps in to a Canadian boy who travels the world touring is not going to be told here (I suspect a train station is involved). However we were introduced, heard him perform live and, well, liked him.

That was a short one-day break in his European tour and he rushed off to London the morning after the reception.

I haven’t heard much from him until now. He’s been busy.

Brand New Ocean is from Jeffery’s new album ‘under the soles of my shoes’ launching June 21, 2011 to iTunes and music retailers across Canada. No idea of Irish dates or protections, but let me know what you think of him. He is a nice guy in person, and a very good guy in song.

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2 Responses to “Swim or sing”

  1. K8 Says:

    Wow! I love this song, it’s so happy and charming in a way Robbie Williams can only stab at! He must’ve been one hell of an interesting fellow soup-slurper.

  2. Will Knott Says:

    Very interesting. So interesting that there is probably an uberinjunction on some of the things he said.

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