8 Jul 2011

QR Photomosaic

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This came up in a conversation on a TOG mailing list. Its source was the comment by a electronic image manipulation project and the possibility of getting extra marks from the use of stenography to hide messages within the exhibition.

What came to my mind was, well , why not create a QR Code of the message and then generate a photo-mosaic of the QR code using the exhibition pictures as the mosaic source.

He asked for an example…

Here you go…

corkprideQR Mosaic02

To generate this you need three things.

1) A large collection of photographs (or pictures) in electronic form.

2) A QR code and

3) Photomosaic software.

Photomosaics have gone out of style, so that might be why it hasn’t been done before.

In my case, I took a lot of photographs of the recent Cork Pride Festival. So my source were about 400 of the festival’s photos that were uploaded to FaceBook.

Then I needed a CQ Code. I used the Kaywa generator.  Not for any particular reason, I just wanted a quick QR code. The code above, when scanned will link to the Cork Pride Festival site.

So then I needed the generation software. I used the portable version of the Andrea Mosaic Software. It could be more intuitive, but its free with the only request being “give a shout out to Andrea Mosaic” if you use it. Perfect for an example.

So, there is the example, let me know if you have any problems scanning it. The larger version is hosted on Pix.ie, but at 5mb image meant for A3 printing, I’m not going to be e-mailing it to anyone other than the Cork Pride media team to add to their archive.

So how long before you see it being used in an advert folks?

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3 Responses to “QR Photomosaic”

  1. Gammagoblin Says:

    Very interesting. I have a QR code related post saved in drafts for the last few weeks. Nothing as involved as this, but I was delighted to find out while experimenting that the blacks don’t have to be completely black for quick code deciphering. Allowed for some interesting image manipulations. Might post it over the weekend.

  2. Rummuser Says:

    Hi Will, I am a member of the LBC and came here to scout around and to welcome you into our fold. Nice blog you have here though this post is way over my head. Look forward to reading your LBC posts. Cheers.

  3. QR Scan Analytics Are Available | PrintMediaCentr.com Says:

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