24 Oct 2011

Protect. Comfort. Love.

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I awoke while her hooks were still in me.
Pulling my threads through, making my skin secure.
But I was awake, my button eyes, not yet in place may not have seen clearly yet, but I could hear.
My mission: Protect. Comfort. Love. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew.

“You’re going to get dizzy if you keep pacing like that.”, sighed my creator. Her voice indicated age, but kindness and concern rang through.
“Its taking too long.” A male voice. Slight panic rising.

“Babies always take their own time. Besides the doctors know what they are doing.”
“But its been twenty hours!?”
The rhythmic click of the hooks stopped. “I remember how long it took for me to give birth to you. You don’t want the story.” Stern.
“Would it help?”
“Its a little early, besides boys always seem to take longer.”
“Its a girl.”
“Shouldn’t you be waiting to tell me until afterwards?”
“You’re going to be the first to know anyway.”
“I’d have used pink wool.” I felt myself being lifted. Displayed.
“I’m glad you didn’t. Nearly done?” Was the subject being changed?
“Just a few more stitches”.

They paused, and the clicking of the hooks began again.
“I’m surprised you have a filling in place.”
“The form is in there in case your little one pulls at the stitches.
Crochet is a little forgiving, but the filling may still leak.”
“And have you decided on a name yet?”
“Well its nearly Christmas and…”
“Not Noelle!”
“Oh no, we were joking about Holly.”
“That’s worse.”
“But we like Ivy.”
“The Holly and the Ivy?”
“Yes, but Ivy is a short version of Elizabeth. So she will be named Elizabeth, but we’re going to call her Ivy.”
“You compromised?”
“Er… Yes.”
I could hear the smile.

A door swooshed near-by.
“We’re ready for you now.”
I heard rushed footsteps and she sat in silence, finishing my skin.
Getting me finished for Ivy.

Beeping. Whooshes of air. Laboured breathing. Organic squeaks and coos. Muffled voices.
The sounds inside the clear panelled box they called the were varied to my new ears. My eyes, now in place could see a distorted reflection of myself, and something else my size beside me.
Something struggling beside me.
Struggling to breath.
Struggling to live.

“She’ll have to stay in there for a few weeks at least.”
“How long?”
“Its hard to tell. She’s premature, and her lungs haven’t fully formed yet.”
“But she’ll be OK?”
“Babies her age pull through.”
“Why do I think…”
“Don’t think that. We are going to do our best. Everyone is going to do her best to make sure she survives to be a healthy young lady. That includes you.”
“Ivy looks so…”


“I think she’s a fighter. And her grandmother put that teddy bear in there to make sure she’s got company.”
“Did you..”
“It’s been sterilised.”

Teddy bear? That’s me.
And with that thought I felt a hand stretch out and grab my paw.
Then I knew.
The Teddy Bear Code.
I will protect her from her fears.
I will comfort her through her worries.
I will love her with my might.

The alarm sounded.
Light burst around me.
The box opened and practised hands took her from me.
I could hear orders half barked as they moved away.
Away with Ivy.

Its cold now. (I will comfort her from the cold).
Its dark now.
Before, when I was returned to her side, I heard music.
And sobs.
I heard again kind voices, cracked with tears, belonging to those I heard while being made, and while in the clear box.
But I am where I belong.
By Ivy’s side.

I heard earth being dropped on this box as Ivy lies still beside me.
As a teddy bear I will abide by the code.
I will protect her in this darkness.
I will comfort her through the days.
I will give her love.


A version of this short story was going around my head for a while for a group Christmas post a few years back. Going around is wrong. More of a “that’s an idea” and then the idea was filed away until later. K8 was its inspiration, but I decided that it wasn’t right for the following Christmas, but with the approach of Hallowe’en, it felt right. (K8, this is the sad Teddy Bear story I mentioned). Also the theme for this week’s LBC was “Crochety”, so its been changed slightly from a knitted bear to a crocheted one.

I just hope it doesn’t come across like a bad greetings card. The technical themed posts will resume shortly.

This is a Loose Bloggers Consortium post on the theme of “Crotchety”; chosen by Padmini.
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3 Responses to “Protect. Comfort. Love.”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Will. You made me cry!

    Wonderful piece!

  2. Rummuser Says:

    You have surprised the hell out of me Will. Great work. Do please write more often on such themes. I am more comfortable with these than the technical ones though the latter teach me something or the other!

  3. Will Knott Says:

    GM, sorry about the tears. Rummusser, I’ll see what I can do about short stories if you like…

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