21 Dec 2011

Cruel Yule

Author: will | Filed under: LBC, story

’tis Midwinter, the night that the other Clause brother comes with his twice checked short list and empty sack. Horror for the night that is in it. Thanks to Pseudopod for the reminder.

I hope to get home and catch some time between Christmas and the New Year to recover lost LBC ground.

Merry Midwinter,

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5 Responses to “Cruel Yule”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    We miss you! I won’t miss Midwinter and am looking forward to the seconds if not minutes of extra light each day!

    Merry Christmas, Will!

  2. will Says:

    I’ve been trying to keep up. The wordpress android client update is not liking my phone so there may not be that many updates after New Year’s Day unless things change for me.

  3. Gary Says:

    Actually, midwinter this year is tomorrow. The solstice occurs on Dec 22nd at 05:30 UTC.

    Typically the year before a leap year, the solstice happens on the 22nd. Hence the need for the leap day, to put the dates back on track…

  4. will Says:

    Listen to the story. This Claus comes on the night of the eve, just like just brother Santa Claus.
    One leaves presents, the other leaves… Other things.

  5. Gary Says:

    Yup, got the story alright. Was just sayin’, though… ;-)

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