Dance robot dance

“Dance, Its all I want to do” — Kylie Minogue “All The Lovers”

All me to introduce you to a very special Cork woman; Joanne O’Riordan.

She is a young woman, born without limbs, who uses technology everyday, much like us all, to have an average life. I didn’t say “normal”, mainly because I’m not sure what normal is. She has effectively changed government directions already, and she isn’t even past starting yet.

She has put up a challenge to the technologies communities around the world to build her a robot.
I’m not sure she is actually after a robot, a robot being an autonomous artificial form. I suspect that a limb she can control is a but closer to what she is after.

But its a challenge.

However I’m offering a sincere possible counter challenge. Learn how to build one yourself.
I’m a mentor at CoderDojo in Cork. I’d also like to learn and teach how to make a robot. A controlled limb. A walking bi, quad or hexapedal creature.

But be adventurous, why build a limb to pick things up, when you could create a being to dance. Change expectations, challenge what others think is the norm.

Create something, something designed to cause wonder.

Build something, learn how to build something, teach others how to build something.

So, care to take up the invitation? (And I’m looking for an excuse to use a few books)

This is a Loose Bloggers Consortium post, and I’m playing catch up,  on the themes of  “Dance”, “Dominion and stewardship” (robot is based on the Czech word for slave), “Sincerity”, “Change” and “Invitations”…
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5 thoughts on “Dance robot dance

  1. Wow! Had the topic been “Creativity”, this would have taken the trophy for writing on five topics at one go!

  2. Not really Rummuser.
    If the topic was creativity, I’d never have covered these topics.

    I wrote the piece just to cover dance and subjugation (since I knew the origins of “Robot”. I said as much when Maxi joined, who I realise I forgot to include now Sorry .), and when I finished I took a look at the intervening topics. Surprised to discover I’d covered everything but “moods”.

    Given that the next topic is “dark”, they go together well, but I think I might couple “dark” with “lord” or “hat”.

    I’m not sure what I might have written if the topic was creativity. It would probably include cake.

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