30 May 2012

Red 5 with the Rebels

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Red 5 Studios are creating one heck of a First Person Shooter MMO. Oddly, a large portion of Red 5 Studio is made from former Blizzard employees. Guess who has their European headquarters in Cork.

Welcome to Cork Red 5 Studio.

Based on what the Extra Credits crew are saying, you are going to be a shining addition for Cork (for Browncoat shiny at least).

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10 Responses to “Red 5 with the Rebels”

  1. Alan O'Dea Says:

    Yeah another excellent "Irish" success story.

  2. Alan O'Dea Says:

    +Jennifer Carey look a new console studio in shiny Cork long story short Shiny. Console, Shiny

  3. Jennifer Carey Says:

    You're trying to make it sound like shiny console games are a bad thing, but shiny is always good and consoles games aren't too bad either :P

  4. Alan O'Dea Says:

    :) I know your love of all things shiny + console and even I have been known to play games on all my shiny consoles. I contacted these guys to see what the skinny with jobs and what types of roles their looking for I'll let you know when I have a chat with them. Hows tricks?

  5. Jennifer Carey Says:

    Ah cool thanks. Not so bad, I'm still interning at Playfirst, I've got to start on some dev as well as testing so it's cool. Have a trip to Japan in a week or so which should be awesome. Hows things with you?

  6. Alan O'Dea Says:

    Groovy I'm very well thanks. The game is actually now a full game, 8bit art, html5 JS animation engine, boss fights,animations combos bonuses and magic and everything:) We're rolling out the next version for testing very soon so i'll definitely be in touch to get your feedback and opinion. I am off to vote so have a good trip to Japan and we can talk when your back. Best A

  7. Will Knott Says:

    Alan, is the game based off the vamp's empires or is this something else?

  8. Alan O'Dea Says:

    No new IP +Vampire Cities We're making proper games behind the check-in. We think Foursquare is cool but isn't really a game and definitely not fun. Imagine you can checkin and play full fun games at real world locations. Our technology works in browsers so you can check-in and play our location games on Faceebook, Google+, the browser on your PC, smartphone or tablet. Vampire Cities just happens to be the first game we're making on our platform.

  9. Will Knott Says:

    Do yo have to be in the actual location, or can you game the GPS to unlock things (I've "been" in Times Square by accident a few times, and earned a swarm badge on the other side of the city)

  10. Alan O'Dea Says:

    Actually no you don't need to be in the location to play the game. The concept is that you can check-in with your friends across any device or social network or browsers and have a lot more social, team and co-op gameplay in each location.

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