12 Jun 2012

Get me stickers

Author: will | Filed under: creativity, Dublin, investment, public domain, reuse, what if

No seriously. Get me stickers, print the QR code that Gutenberg.org has for every title and then make a fake bookshelf filled with access to real books.

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Capel Street Bookshelf
Someone very clever created a blank bookshelf on Capel Street in Dublin… and I let loose with a sharpie!

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5 Responses to “Get me stickers”

  1. Patrick O'Reilly Says:

    That's a great idea! Like Tesco did with the Korean subway.

  2. Will Knott Says:

    For a second I thought you said Tesco had free classics QR links at their iPad and Kindle displays.

  3. Will Knott Says:

    +David Maybury can you generate QR stickers for your "bookshelf"?

  4. Patrick O'Reilly Says:

    Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store (Movie)

  5. Dublin Street Library | Dublin City Council Beta Projects Says:

    […] you want to click on any of the links. Later during a web search, we also discovered this by Will http://willknott.ie/2012/06/12/get-me-stickers/ so contacted him on twitter…and we then re-continued the conversation back on our Facebook […]

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