13 Jun 2012

On the fake shelf

Author: will | Filed under: creativity, Dublin, investment, public domain, reuse, what if

I had to see the fake Capel Street Bookshelf for myself. It seems that the junction box designed to look like a book shelf is to honour Ireland's first public library, on Capel Street.

Since +David Maybury was there, a number of books have been added, but no QR codes to Gutenberg.org


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4 Responses to “On the fake shelf”

  1. Patrick Mooney Says:

    Love it. Part of the Dublin Beta I assume.

  2. Mary Carty Says:

    Great idea!

  3. Will Knott Says:

    +Patrick Mooney , what is Dublin Beta?

  4. Patrick Mooney Says:

    http://dubcitybeta.wordpress.com/ – that's their blog. They have selected a part of the city to run beta projects like this. If it takes off they will roll out citywide.

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