26 Jun 2012


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A shot of a Starbucks from inside a Starbucks. In Dublin.

Starbucks recently took over the old Westmoreland Street Bewley's cafe, and put a different restaurant in the old dining hall at the back (no idea about the hotel), however another Starbucks built up in November already exists on Westmoreland Street. And the large College Green shop is around the corner.

Does Ireland drink that much expensive coffee?

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3 Responses to “Recursion”

  1. Brian Nisbet Says:

    Well, they opened two branches in the IFSC (or rather two were opened) and then one closed down, so I wonder if three can survive in that small area, even with the businesses and TCD.

  2. Will Knott Says:

    From the bits I picked up when they were opening, the one of the far side is a franchise, the one I was in wasn't (or at least was better planned).

    Was that the case in the IFSC?

    Costa and Insomnia are also in the area, and even McDonald's have their cafes fairly nearby. I assume Kylemore is still on the Talbot Street / O'Connell Street corner. That's a lot of coffee (and not that much tea).

    At least a coffee house on the Bewley's site is traditional.

  3. Brian Nisbet Says:

    I've no idea what the story was in the IFSC, sorry, never went in to the one beside AIB and only very, very rarely into the one in CHQ (which is still standing).

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