4 Jul 2012

Rock and Roll 1953-2011

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Alex from the +Chicago Music Exchange plays his way through 100 riffs of Rock and Roll from 1953's Mr Sandman by Chet Atkins through to 2011's Cruel by St. Vincent. Someone should do a 100 riffs podcast where you try to interview the people involved and the reactions at the time.

However a non-stop uncut riff through 100 riffs is worth seeing. Its also the table quiz music round from hell.

Naturally its being done in the hopes of going viral (so my little push) with a give-away to boot, but the page behind it http://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/100riffs/ lists all the details, the gear used and the songs and keys featured.

So sit back and enjoy the history lesson.

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One Response to “Rock and Roll 1953-2011”

  1. Maxi Says:

    Sizzling video by Chicago Music Exchange. Good job!

    I went to a Chet Atkins concert years ago; he played one of the best guitar solos I have ever heard.

    Blessings to you, Will – Maxi

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