27 Jul 2012

This picture is illegal

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as is tweeting pics to Twitter, Facebook, Plus etc from the Olympic venues.

I really hope someone tries to enforce this either in courts (with arrests) or with cease and desist letters, just to see the entire thing blow up.

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London 2012: The Most Social Games Ever? It’s Inevitable.
Artist – Space Hijackers (UK) // site specific install next to Olympic Village, East London

Reading through the Brand Guidelines for the 2012 Games [pdf], I don’t see much that is as unreasonable as the two recent over-zealous enforcements (the chips issue and the police/plastic bags silliness).
Given IOC’s promise that this would be the most social Olympics ever, it’s even more surprising that the organisers are constantly on the back foot as social media helps these gaffes spread faster th…

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3 Responses to “This picture is illegal”

  1. John Finnan Says:

    Remember, England is the country where they pursue such insane tweet-related cases through the courts. (The whole Paul Chambers thing? http://article.wn.com/view/2012/06/27/Comedians_back_bomb_joke_tweeter/ )

  2. Will Knott Says:

    Think a medal winner will be stripped of their medal because they tweeted?

  3. John Finnan Says:

    Stripped of the medal? Probably not. Fined? Dunno. It's not that much different to telling footballers they can't hide the sponsership logos when they score a goal.

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