For a dragon runs through it

Cork has its own legends, but it turns out that even the creation of the Lee Valley has its own creation myth.

A dragon carved the channel out of limestone as he rushed to the sea.

Limestone when mixed with stomach acid forms a highly flammable, lighter than air gas… Perfect for a flying dragon.

Sam Hamilton, the gentleman in the top hat, works with Cork Community Art Link and created this steam punk dragon on behalf of +Cork Pride. Cork Pride is the owner of the shiny metal beast and expect it to wander around the country for a while yet.

2 thoughts on “For a dragon runs through it

  1. It works on the same basis as a Chinese dragon (except it has actual “metal”scales on its body, the body is made from re-cycled election posters, its really scary inside).

    The main difference with this hard shell and the usual dragon, is the smoke machine installed in is head (the chimney’s work)

    The Dragon should be working its way down Cork’s Shandon Street as part of the Samhain/Halloween celebrations.

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