A shot fired across our bows

I've known for a while that the international telecoms companies have wanted to put the Internet genie back in to its bottle so they could charge for access in the same way they make deals between themselves for international callsĀ  (they are loosing calls to Skype and more) but I didn't know that the proposal had actually gone to the UN.

If they succeed the internet could get very expensive, and start-ups may be forced away from the market entirely.

So this shot is being fired at anyone who can access the internet then.

This wasn’t meant to be a Loose Bloggers Consortium post on the theme of “Fire”, but given my infrequent postings, I think that I should make it count.
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The fight for control of the internet has become critical | John Kampfner
If plans to put cyberspace under a secretive UN agency go through, states' censoring of the web will be globally enshrined In horror movies, the scariest moments usually come from the monster you can't see. So the same goes for real life, or at least online life. Over the past few years, largely out of sight, governments have been clawing back freedoms on the internet, turning an invention that was designed to emancipate the individual into a too…

2 thoughts on “A shot fired across our bows

  1. You mean we are headed back to inkblots on paper & spidery scrawls again?

    I posted a real letter to the ROI, a hundred miles down the road and it cost me 68p! I wonder if pigeons are expensive?

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