18 May 2013

Cheese, onion and Chocolate

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I can only assume that the Tayto cheese and onion crisp chocolate bar is a childhood dream come true for someone. In the days when mixing your snacks together (probably with fizzy orange and birthday cake in the mix) was a good idea, you would try it.

It tastes exactly like what you would expect crisps (potato chips for the Americans) and chocolate to taste like. Mouth feel is chocolate and crisped rice (there is rice in the ingredients). The combination does not work.

Part of this is that the childhood version would have been Tayto and +Cadbury UK Dairy Milk. Rumour has it that Butler's chocolate was used. Every chocolate maker has a slightly different taste, this mix was tweaked the wrong way.

Glad I tried it. But no. Until the Smokey Bacon Tayto Crisp and Chocolate Bar that is.

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7 Responses to “Cheese, onion and Chocolate”

  1. Alex Leonard Says:

    I can't see that working at all!

  2. Patrick O'Reilly Says:

    I finally found one Spar last night. Was very disappointed at their size, they're tiny.
    They didn't taste too bad, I was expecting the chocolate to be horrible and really cheap

  3. Will Knott Says:

    I think the size is just about right… Everyone wants to try it. The question is, after trying it, would you buy it again.

    +Alex Leonard It almost works. The onion is too strong and the chocolate used kills the cheese taste. I'll have to try the "mix it yourself" method later.

  4. Albert Hickey Says:

    Me want.
    One of my childhood pleasures was eating Taytos after a bar of dairy milk. It completely changes the flavour.
    Try it. Get some cheese and onion crisps and before eating them have a piece of milk chocolate.

    NOTE: do not use extra strong, or crinkle cut crisps. It has to be Tayto type crisps.

  5. Carl Fleming Says:

    I can't get enough of them :-)

  6. Grannymar Says:

    Tayto crisps are far to greasy to begin with and only taste of salt. I was never a fan of C&O flavour. and cannot ever imagine mixing them with chocolate.

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