16 Jul 2013

Can you trust a copy cloud?

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Given recent headlines, I'm not sure that I can trust +Copy . But I'm going to use them for a while.
Copy are, yet another online cloud based file storage service, like +Dropbox and Microsoft's Skydrive. Or rather they are yet another American on-line file storage company. You get 15GB if you sign up and if you use a referal link like https://copy.com?r=F2qATm you (and me) get an additional 5GB of storage space.

The reason's for not trusting? Its hard to say. I mean +Barracuda Networks , the parent of Copy.com make the open source Clam Antivirus product. But back doors were recently discovered in their VPN product. Then again a lot of big multinationals trust them for their backups.

The other thing is that its yet another American storage database for perusal by certain three lettered groups.

Then again, it is 5GB, and it is a reason for me to start playing with encryption.

Trust is a tricky thing, it takes years to build, and its destroyed within a single second. And once doubt exists, its hard to accept. Still I must look in EU and Scandinavian based solutions like Norway's JottaCloud. They are outside the jurisdiction of a lot of folks.

You just need to trust all the steps to the cloud first. Or pre-encrypt. The search of security is not over yet…

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Sign up for Copy and get 20 GB free!

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3 Responses to “Can you trust a copy cloud?”

  1. Rummuser Says:

    It must be useful for heavy users like you whereas for someone like me, storage within the set itself never gets over!

  2. shackman Says:

    Trust is irrelevant if you simply add your own cloud – a 1TB external HDD is pretty cheap these days and backups automa.tic

  3. will Says:

    How are things over in RadioShack? You’re missing a big point of a cloud; access.

    You’re talking about a backup, left at home when you want the files while in a different country. A TB hard drive would only be useful when in a server. Preferably a server you can get mirrored and rebooted while not there.

    Now the physical media, such as an external hard drive, or a game disc has its uses, there are times when online storage trumps, like vital saves.

    Or transferring between devices separated by continents.

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