24 Aug 2013

Turning it off and on again

Author: will | Filed under: blogging

The site is going to go dark for a little while. But don’t worry.

Behind the scenes I’ve changed servers. Everything seemed to have copied over correctly. Nameservers were updated…

Then something went “sproing”. Paths are showing up as corrupted. In short nasty.

So I need to do the equivalent of moving all the furniture out, (in other words, backing everything up), then burn the house down to build a new one.

Part of this is that updating is broken with the move, and while its an annoyance now with hand massaging files, its something that will get worse as more things get out of date. Also I think I have a corrupt path somewhere (looking at the error message I can see where its broken, its still looking for the old server, but not how to fix it).

So a touch drastic. I’ll be back. The “window view” post has it’s photos on stand-by. But you’ll have to humour the site vanishing for a little (hopefully very short) while.

And yes LBC, I know about the topic being “Humor” but this is a little more serious. Hopefully see you more soon.

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  1. blackwatertown Says:

    Hope so – re see you soon.

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