23 May 2014

And Hello from Carlow

Author: will | Filed under: Ireland, Irish, photo

Have you ever gone to Google Maps to see your own house from satellite and discovered something, well, weird nearby. Well this is what happened to someone I work with (his parents house is near this shot).

Proof, if proof was needed that the Irish Ploughing Championships needs a new specialist section. Or possibly a way to make a fortune for advertising on fallow farmland…

Here, Carlow says "Hello". The link if you want to look for yourself is… 53.31855,-7.56631 

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2 Responses to “And Hello from Carlow”

  1. Grannymar Says:

    Hello Stranger! Wowzit it goin, Will?

  2. will Says:

    busy, busy and trice, busy.

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