7 Aug 2014

A rainbow smile on Saint Patrick's Street ?

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A rainbow smile on Saint Patrick's Street ?

A rainbow smile on Saint Patrick’s Street

3 Aug 2014

Say it with pop?

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Say it with pop?

Say it with pop

27 Jun 2014

Make a game from your town

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The DesignerDojo folks (Hi Paul) go on about how good SketchUp (formerly Google SketchUp) is for making 3D shapes, and for building, say, houses.

I've stumbled across Make Weird Stuff in Unity. In short, design in SketchUp, then import in to Unity, where it can be sued as the basis for a simple walk-through, or for use in a game.

Oh, Designer Dojo have been slowly turning Cork City Centre in to a SketchUp model… Racing game for the  Grand Parade circuit (with a short-cut through Oliver Plunkett), or a gripping brawler in front of the Court House on Washington Street. Or Cops and Robbers battle for a shooter via Battlefield:Hardline.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Of course I'll need to learn how to use SketchUp and Unity properly first.?

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Make Weird Stuff in Unity Tutorial
An in depth hands on way of making cool looking stuff in Unity super quickly with no programming

Sometimes Life offers you two equally appealing choices. Both on Thursday June 12.

On the one hand, at 6.30pm the CorkDev.io crew (of which I am a member) is presenting in Sample Studios' auditorium a John Henry Donovan talk about the Designer-Developer relationship. you see, the line between the Web Designer and Web Developer has become slightly blurred over the last few years with both roles having to take on extra skills to keep up (dang you HTML5). But has this led to contention in the ranks?  More news following the talk which also includes talks on Angular Classy and the IBM BlueMix project.

Meanwhile downriver in the Clarion Hotel the ISACA is presenting Emerging Trends in IT security which presents insights on the ever-changing threat analysis scene. Interesting stuff, and I would really like to see if my droid aps can alert me to the pwonpads and other attacks almost guaranteed to be going through the hotel wi-fi.

Not that I'd be doing any of these…
Decisions and indeed decisions.?

1 Jan 2013

200km apart but may be different worlds

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Guess which is the Dublin calendar and which is the Cork calendar?

It seems like months ago that a US based TV crew came to film a Coder Dojo session and interview a few of the participants.

Well folks the video is up and it shows sessions in the NCS Cork and the Science Gallery in Dublin.

There are Coder Dojos all around the world now, we really need to see if Coder Dodo Antarctica is possible (I suspect a "R" workshop would be best there).

And yes that is me, looking terrible as usual, in the clip. But its also some amazing minds coding, modding and creating.

CoderDojo.com for details of your nearest Dojo.
Above all, be cool…

5 Aug 2012

For a dragon runs through it

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Cork has its own legends, but it turns out that even the creation of the Lee Valley has its own creation myth.

A dragon carved the channel out of limestone as he rushed to the sea.

Limestone when mixed with stomach acid forms a highly flammable, lighter than air gas… Perfect for a flying dragon.

Sam Hamilton, the gentleman in the top hat, works with Cork Community Art Link and created this steam punk dragon on behalf of +Cork Pride. Cork Pride is the owner of the shiny metal beast and expect it to wander around the country for a while yet.

A lot of Langers courtesy of the Half Door Sweet Company

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14 Aug 2011

When fantasy MMO heists go wrong

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“Bad dragon. I only told you to blow the bloody dwarfs off” — overheard

24 Jul 2011

Eternity, Cork

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She Said Yes!
If you’ll love her forever, show her how much from the start.

I have no idea who put the poster up on Patrick’s Street Bridge in Cork City. But I know some bride to be will be on the warpath soon.

This is a Loose Bloggers Consortium post on the theme of “Eternity” chosen by Padmum. To find out that the others in the consortium think, check out, in alphabetical order: Akanksha (Anki), Anu, Ashok, Conrad, Delirious, Gaelikaa, Grannymar, Magpie 11, Maria, Padmum and the GOM of LBC, Ramana Sir.