1 Jan 2013

200km apart but may be different worlds

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Guess which is the Dublin calendar and which is the Cork calendar?

28 Dec 2012

Just saying that this is Dublin

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"I still believe in Bewley's"… I think that's the only line you would need to change to do a version of this in any Irish town or city. I still believe in Sir Henry's, I still believe in King John's, I still believe in Eyre Square…

So take a walk through very late night Dublin City, with salty (NSFW) language and a fundamental truth, "there are ten good reasons to go, but a thousand tiny ones not to, and you can't tell which is which anymore."

It seems like months ago that a US based TV crew came to film a Coder Dojo session and interview a few of the participants.

Well folks the video is up and it shows sessions in the NCS Cork and the Science Gallery in Dublin.

There are Coder Dojos all around the world now, we really need to see if Coder Dodo Antarctica is possible (I suspect a "R" workshop would be best there).

And yes that is me, looking terrible as usual, in the clip. But its also some amazing minds coding, modding and creating.

CoderDojo.com for details of your nearest Dojo.
Above all, be cool…

11 Oct 2012

Dublin double rainbow

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Sometimes when it rains in Ireland, we need twice the normal cheer up.

4 Sep 2012

Viewing underground

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The River Poddle was covered up a long time ago. The fact that the rive runs under the Olympia Theatre and under Dublin Castle gives you an idea of the tunnel's age.

The wide streets of Cork are actually covered over rivers… Are there any photographs of this aspect of Hidden Cork?

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River Poddle underneath the city of Dublin's streets
Pictures of Dublin's River Poddle underground, making its way underneath Temple Bar in culverts built during the medieval period; these exclusive pictures were taken by an insider.

27 Jul 2012

Bacon and Maple Ice Cream

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Feel like a fry up, or maybe ice cream for breakfast on a hot sunny day? Try Bacon and Maple Ice Cream.

A tasty salty and sweet combination on a bloody hot Dublin day. Furlong & Kehoe in the Liberties.

24 Jul 2012

Bring on the House

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Coder Dojo celebrated its first birthday by going to Dublin. In act it went to Leinster House for DáilDojo (The Irish Houses of Parliment and its "lower" house) and have a Dojo between Leinster House itself and Buswells.

A few TDs (Irish Member of Parliament) and Senators showed up, some with their kids, to learn coding. We also had Minister Ciarán Cannon and an Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Enda Kenny. I doubt either of them learned even Scratch, but its a start.

I still want to force a Minister to solve the Blockly Maze demo (no I wasn't let).

18 Jul 2012


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Photos from the Leinster House Coder Dojo featuring James Whelton, Minister for Training and Skills Ciarán Cannon, Taoiseach Enda Kenny (Irish Prime Minister) and Norma Casey, Sean O’Sullivan & Gavin Duffy, as well as a host of bright sparks from the Coder Dojos around Ireland.

Fun and busy day.

29 Jun 2012

Welcome to the House

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I don't know if I'm able to get on the list yet, but Coder Dojo is going to be running a session in Leinster House on Wednesday July 18.

For the non-Irish on the feed, Leinster House is the Irish Houses of Parliament building (housing the Dáil and the Senate). Needless to say its a big deal; I'll have to wear a clean hoodie.

Coder Dojo is less than a year old, I'll have to check my diary later, but it started towards the end of August 2011 with the first class in the National Software Centre in Mahon, Cork. Technically I was too old to go, but I came along and tried out learning simple HTML with the kids that the classes were intended for. (I learned about the Marquee tag, and vowed never to use it outside of demos and jest). Shortly afterwards I started mentoring to active coding minds from age 8 to 16 mostly (no I didn't ask the young lady her age, but the junior certificate hit this year). There are now 41 dojos in Ireland and 104 across the globe.

The dojos have no money. Its all volunteers and donated time, places, some equipment and usually a BYOD (bring your own device) setup. And while we have a minor Minecraft addiction, its also a Minecraft server build and machinima project, so it sort of works out. The lack of a government having to pay means that they like it.

The fact that its a group who said "sod it I'm going to do it myself" is something a government might want to be worried about. Imagine what a bunch of 9 year olds could have done with the old voting machines about to be scrapped.

Exciting times.

Reshared post from +Siliconrepublic

Irish Government to host CoderDojo at Leinster House on 18 July

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Irish Government to host CoderDojo at Leinster House on 18 July
In a fitting way to mark the first anniversary of the founding in Ireland of a revolutionary and international movement aimed at fostering crucial coding skills in kids as young as seven, the Governme…

26 Jun 2012


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A shot of a Starbucks from inside a Starbucks. In Dublin.

Starbucks recently took over the old Westmoreland Street Bewley's cafe, and put a different restaurant in the old dining hall at the back (no idea about the hotel), however another Starbucks built up in November already exists on Westmoreland Street. And the large College Green shop is around the corner.

Does Ireland drink that much expensive coffee?