1 Sep 2009


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Imagine the LOL cat in 50 years time

3 Aug 2009

Culture jamming the news

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What happens when you mix footage of news anchors with the voice track of old B-movies? (with a bit of “stunt mouth” action thrown in to avoid lip syncing problems)?

Well you get this.

Bryan Boyce created this mash-up back in 1999, and it works.

Sort of.

Worryingly the “I’m an alien” line does not seem faked.

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8 Dec 2008

Mashy Christmas

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Go Home Productions 2008 Christmas offering.
Combines Blondie’s “Tide Is High” with Paul McCartney’s “Pipes Of Peace” / “Wonderful Christmastime” and J-Lo’s “Jenny From The Block”

I give it 24 hours before its taken down, but enjoy it while you can.
Will Knott

26 Jul 2008

Boom De Yada Boom De Ah Dah!

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As much as I love XKCD sometimes I just don’t get the joke
xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel

Then Darragh Doyle goes and explains everything with an embedded video.

But sometimes, things go together a little too well (and sing along)

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6 Jul 2008

Only happy when I’m singing in the rain

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Take one classic film clip, one deeply disturbing song and enough cheese to ensure clogged arteries. The result is the video for Richard Cheese and a little video entitled “Gene Kelly vs Garbage vs Richard Cheese“.

Given the weather in Cork at the moment it sort of suits the mood.

Given that the result is a parody, is a two phase combination considered Fair Dealing under European Copyright?

take care,
Will Knott

27 Oct 2007

A little early

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I’m ashamed to say that I’ve already bought a christmas decoration…

One of these.

And yes I’m putting up a Hallowe’en tree again this year.

And then I’ll have to see if any whingebags with an L plate wants to hire a qualified driver.

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18 Sep 2007

The other financial gap

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Why does this spoof on the Onion remind me so much of David McWilliams “Generation Game“. I’m not as financially comfortable as I’d like to be (I’d like a Euromillions win this weekend if it can be arranged, thanks) but I don’t think that Mr McWilliams quite thought out all of his argument.

RTE seems to be hell-bent on making us nervous as opposed to shaking us from our complacency. How about going through possible fixes so the public can lobby for them (without the need to post nappies please).

Its a guy geek thing, you’ve given us the problem, now how about helping us find the solution?

In The Know: Are America’s Rich Falling Behind The Super-Rich?

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23 Jul 2007

Where Torchwood

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Torchwood? We’re beyond the government, outside the United Nations, second left over the flyover, straight on at Budgens, right at the lights then first left by the Qwik-Save.

The BBC show Dead Ringers did a parody of the BBC show Torchwood. Oddly, the spoof make sense of its source material. If nothing else it explains the plot holes…

No idea if this will stay live for long.

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