9 Aug 2015


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I was asked recently about “process change” and when to do things… Well the conversation turned a corner but I didn’t get around to not thinking about it, so a post for the first time in months.

Any process has the standard journalistic questions to it.
Who, what, when, where and how.
Who does it? What are the steps? How are the steps done? When should it be done? Is there a particular location where it should be done?

The missing question is ‘why?’.

Why does this process exist? Why is it done this way?

If the answer is “I don’t know” or “it’s always been done this way?” then there is an issue.

That issue could be that the wrong person is being asked. But…

If its a legal requirement or an industry standard, does that requirement still stand? Laws and standards change.

If its to measure X, do the steps still collect X. Is there a better way to collect X. Are the current steps even collecting X anymore?

Everything depends on circumstances, and the current process may be perfect, but always ask ‘why’. And every so often check that the answer to ‘why’ remains.

22 Jan 2015


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For an almost abandoned blog (must fix that), I still keep an eye on it.

Like the notifications when someone tries to break in.

Stop it.

Some resumption of posts will start shortly.

13 Jun 2013

Eat me

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Coming to a fridge near you… +CoderDojo  the Ice Cream.

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CoderDojo named cream of the crop in Ben & Jerry’s social entrepreneur competition
Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield and a panel of leading business minds have named CoderDojo as winner of the Irish leg of the Join Our Core social entrepreneur competition. CoderDojo scoops a cash prize of €10,000 and its logo will be included on Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream tubs next year.

25 Jan 2013

Self Help Bookings

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I'll admit that sometimes best intentions don't work out as well as expected.
I joined the LBC, the Loose Bloggers Consortium the idea was that I'd write more.

Then life got in the way. In my case, a new job in a new city.

Well, I'm about to return home*. I have plans, and things to work out (and a new job). But I think I'll have regular time to sit down. Eventually as I don't know my time-table properly and I have at least 3 games to write for the classes I'm mentoring.
But one of my half brain-farted ideas was to write a book.
Or at least a story… so…

I'm wondering if instead of writing the usual "insight based on the topic of the week" if I could get away with writing an essay or a short story with the topic in mind.
And furthermore, string all the stories in to a (semi?) coherent narrative.

I do have the characters in mind, but I didn't have the, well, will to do it.
I can either do these as the usual LBC posts, or pull these off for a different day of the week (I might also re-wind the clock back to the start of January to give me a run up).

Besides, according to some self-help books you need to declare your intentions to do X, that way you can't back away from X.

So, any objections at this attempt to help myself to actually do something unusual?

* It's complicated, but I'm not going to explain personal geography on a system that archives and logs everything I write

This is a Loose Bloggers Consortium post on the theme of “Self Help”.
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25 Dec 2012


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She was touched to receive the exquisitely packaged chocolates.

Her next of kin discovered that crema was a hazelnut cream and not a vanilla cream. When the nuts touched her throat, it swelled from anaphylaxis shock.

This almost tweetable murder mystery is a Loose Bloggers Consortium post on the theme of “Touched”. And was not written in the local accident and emergency.
To find out that the others in the consortium think, check out, …
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It seems like months ago that a US based TV crew came to film a Coder Dojo session and interview a few of the participants.

Well folks the video is up and it shows sessions in the NCS Cork and the Science Gallery in Dublin.

There are Coder Dojos all around the world now, we really need to see if Coder Dodo Antarctica is possible (I suspect a "R" workshop would be best there).

And yes that is me, looking terrible as usual, in the clip. But its also some amazing minds coding, modding and creating.

CoderDojo.com for details of your nearest Dojo.
Above all, be cool…

25 Apr 2010

Four Chords

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Its been a while since I’ve posted here, I’ve been too busy on Culch.ie I’m afraid to say.

So here is a recent discovery I’ve made for them (originally posted on Culch.ie)

Did you know that every pop song for the last 20 years use the same four chords in the same progression?

Neither did I.

Then I saw the Axis of Awesome and they explain why so many mash-ups just work. This is the annotated version so you can recognise every song.

Click through if the video does not display in your reader.

They are playing Edinburgh in August and I’m sure their arm could be twisted to include a Dublin date. The download section of their own site includes a lot of music videos so you can get an idea of just what they are like. They sound line a ruder version of the Flight of the Conchords and this Australian band might be your thing if you can’t get the New Zealander’s tickets.

12 Jan 2010

Come September

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Just wondering, given that so many people have been trapped in their homes due to the cold weather, with freezing pipes and heating breaking down; will there be a baby boom in September?

8 Jul 2009

Take me dancing

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Rick asked for a favor.
Rick O’Shea is the patron and spokesmodel for Brainwave, the Epilepsy charity.

They are having a fundraiser ball on Friday August 7. And I’m thinking of going.

First I’ll have to buy tickets (or if you have paypal, buy tickets) for The Horse Show Hustle in Krystle.
Then I’ll have to show up.

And dance.
Care to join me on the floor?

Actually, given how badly I dance, its possible that I’ll be on flat the floor at least once.

squashed bug

OK maybe not like this.


take care,

5 Jun 2008

Red, Green and munch

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I might stick out like a tomato here, but I’d like a food camp.

red and green

And I do mean a FoodCamp, not a big food based party, but hands on classes followed by a bloggers dinner, cooked by bloggers. The germ of this idea seems to be Laurent Haug. He proposed the idea of getting Grandmas to cook a dinner for bloggers. The Grandma who loves to cook gets to take over a restaurant, kitchens and all, and cook up dinner for a hoard of hunger bloggers. I found out about this due to CBC’s Spark podcast, who are trying out the first Canadian Grandma Dinner on June 9 in Toronto.

So I asked certain food blogger, Ms. Grannymar who pointed out the obvious; she didn’t think she would be able to cook for a clutch of toyboys let alone a hoard of bloggers.

So I have a slightly different position… a FoodCamp (I’m sure that a CampBar for wine, and cocktails is possible). This is there food bloggers get together, and offer to teach the making of a single dish to a group within an hour plus clean-up (baking and roasting which take longer could be timed so that another session could take over the kitchen in the meantime). So a lot of people who love food, get to learn how to make their own good food.

It sounds odd, but try pasteurising eggs without scrambling them by working from a book.

So at the end of the day, there is a lot of food. So let’s have a bloggers dinner to get everyone around, alternatively arrange the food to be delivered to a charity (or invite a few reps from the charity in question to present and pick what they want).

The first solution to be found, is to get an idea if there is any interest?

Is it a wining idea?

And the next thing is, should this take place in a restaurant kitchen (which tend to be small) or a school or college with better catering facilities? And would or could you suggest a location?

take care,
Will Knott

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