25 Dec 2012


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She was touched to receive the exquisitely packaged chocolates.

Her next of kin discovered that crema was a hazelnut cream and not a vanilla cream. When the nuts touched her throat, it swelled from anaphylaxis shock.

This almost tweetable murder mystery is a Loose Bloggers Consortium post on the theme of “Touched”. And was not written in the local accident and emergency.
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31 Oct 2012

Sometimes a lie is just as good

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Sometimes a lie is just as good

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comics: rhymes with witch
rhymes with witch: the last trick-or-treaters part 19 october 12, 2012.

19 Sep 2012

From NYC to Galway

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It appears that the New York City based missing unicorn meme has made its way to Ireland.

Admittedly its possible, given the high magic fields in the country and the people. Eoin Colfer pointed this out a while back in his first Artemis Fowl book.

It IS non-fiction, right?

7 Jun 2012

You see me never, take me home

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Ray Bradbury, author of some of the finest science fiction died today. It turned out that he wrote a piece for this month's Sci-Fi themed edition of The New Yorker. In his memory, that piece "Take me Home" and his November 1947 piece "I See You Never" are now free to all readers in the New Yorker archives.

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Ray Bradbury in The New Yorker
Ray Bradbury, the author of “The Martian Chronicles,” “Fahrenheit 451,” and many other classics of science fiction and fantasy, died this morning, at the age of ninety-one. Bradbury published two pie…

14 Aug 2011

When fantasy MMO heists go wrong

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“Bad dragon. I only told you to blow the bloody dwarfs off” — overheard

Small conversations on Twitter can sometimes lead to other things. What came up from George was this video of the opening credits of Hawaii Five 0.

Then Conor O’Neill pointed out that the TV show probably caused a huge increase in tourist numbers to Hawaii. So I got to wondering if it is possible to crowd source a script for a television series to show off Ireland at its finest.

A procedural drama might be easy, but there are a few catches. Only a few squads work throughout Ireland, homicide naturally is one of them, but most murders probably won’t attract a lot of tourists. Actually that isn’t true, deaths, even fake ones attract crowds, but would they spend?

Instead, let’s look at romance. Supernatural romance. Vampires are very popular when it comes to romance at the moment. Look at True Blood or the Twilight series for proof. However, the vampire area crowded. So let me think of a different set of supernatural lovers.


Fae, Bean Sí, leprechauns, the fairies. Those stories that lasted a long time in Ireland, and in the Irish legends they were mostly human adult sized and frequently mistaken for beautiful men and women (there are a few children sized ones too). Eoin Colfer is still writing about them in his Artemis Fowl series. His is a coming of age story for a master teenage criminal who keeps crossing paths with the fairy police force responsible for covering up the existence of the mystical folk, the L.E.P. Recon squad. I think this story should be about someone human discovering that the tales of the Bean Sí and the changelings aren’t fairy tales.

Fae Play. Cute name. The building works on the Hill of Tara that came about through the M3 should be a nice starting ground. What would happen if the people in the fairy tales, from Tír na nÓg, from the Fenian Cycle, from the stories of the Tuatha Dé Danann showed up. Them or, more sensibly, their descendants (the really odd thing about the ancient Irish gods was that they could grow old and die. Eventually, even if it takes 300 or 900 years, so descendants it is).

The series would be set in modern day Ireland, and with creatures across the land and tied to nature, they would naturally be set in places able to show off some of the country’s beauty. I can almost see selkies surfing in the North West.  A kelpie in Killarney. A kiss in the moonscape of the Burren.

Could it work? Goodness knows, but given that “supernatural romance” now has its own section in book shops, it worth knocking together something to make in to a web series at least.

A wise woman pointed out that it is perfectly reasonable to talk predictions for the year ahead up to and including 31 January! Well I’m going to type about resolutions.

Yes its a bit late to talk about new year resolutions, but here goes.

Get in to fights again

I ended up dropping out of Capoeira in 2008. A mixture of class clashes and commuting.  Now I can start again, probably from scratch. Of course, if that fails I may be asking for a different kind of trouble. In short, I need to do something which involves a bit of movement.

In camera

I got caught up in an interesting discussion about “what makes a photoblog” om Twitter, well lots. I play with photography, but I think its time I moved up to a better camera. I’m not going D-SLR this year, but I have my eye on something and I want my wallet to match. On a related note, I need to go to more events. Since I’m sort of bi-locational at the moment, when the weather gets brighter things might get interesting.

More sleep

An idea stolen off Phil IcedCoffee; I just need to get to bed earlier. As if that all.

Re: cycling

It’s usually better to keep old resolutions than to make new ones. — Chloe Sevigny. I’ve copied this quote off Tim Ferris‘ resolutions.  And I’ve copied this resolution from last year. This year I think I’m a commutable distance to work, but without showering facilities things could get sticky. Still given the Mad Cow traffic holdups, cycling to the office may not be a bad idea. The only reason I’m delaying this one is making sure I can do it, and timing a weekend run first.

Change the decor

Now that I’m the master of my own domain, it almost been a year since I moved in. Its time to redecorate a little. I had planned to use the Carrington theme with pallet swaps and image swaps (its the one Joe Scanlon is using) but I recently stumbled across a theme on Smashing Magazine which is almost perfect. Things may look a little odd here over the next few weeks.

I had also planned on trying out the Google Friend Connect here too, but I’m not so sure now.

Write more fiction. Read more fiction.

I more or less stopped reading fiction when my studies restarted. With the exception of one Cory Doctorow (which I inhaled in one weekend), the Pseudopod short story horror podcast and the NSFW Tales fomthe MU novel experiment in blog form,  I’ve not read anything for a while. To that end I’ve finally started reading “The Idiot” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (for historical reasons) and a few others thanks to the DailyLit. I’ll take suggested reads from their list please.

The spippets feel too small for me, but I’ll live.

As for writing. When I took part in the Blogmas Christmas Carol, I liked it.

it had been years since I last wrote fiction, and I’d like to start again. A few short stories may appear here. I also have an idea for a very free form group fiction blog. Ask if you’re interested.

Well, thats it. I can see the cycling waning again this year, and I don’t know if I can find an accessable Capoeira group, but the others are managable.

What do you think?

Will Knott

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28 Jan 2009

The silence in Eastwick

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The author John Updike died last night. I won’t write much about him, but he did an interview with the New York Times in October last year (as part of the promotion to his novel “The Widows of Eastwick“, the sequel to “The Witches of Eastwick“). The talk was part of the Times Talks series and is available as a podcast. Be warned, its a one and a half hour talk and the MP3 file weights in at 82MB. But it interesting enough for me to remember it months later.

He also did a video interview for the New York Times in October, for those who want to see him in action.

Some people just enjoy writing. It gets something out of your system (much like blogging). I have to write more fiction.

take care,

Will Knott

John Updike
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23 Dec 2008

Bumblebee : A blogmas Christmas

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Sometimes I wish I wasn’t bright yellow. But not very often.

That first Christmas morning I stood brightly under the tree on my wheels. Shining not as brightly as the tree lights, but proudly and brightly. The sounds of food being turned in to a breakfast are made beyond the door. Things are calm.
Then there is a thump. Followed by more thumps as a child scrambles down the stairs and the noise gets louder as nearer. Then a small round child appears. I see a face spread in to a broad grin. Within seconds I am sat on as bare feet find pedals and start to cycle me around the room.

But only start. Stabilisers aren’t really made for rooms with furniture.

Annoyed the round one shuffles off after being cajoled in to the room with the food sounds. Then more thumping and a fully dressed child appears and pulls me towards the door. Fortunately saner hands help carry me to the safety of the outdoors and tarmac. Then what becomes a ritual begins. Using black marker, the child’s name is written on my crossbar. Ownership.

Soon a child and bicycle are speeding down the road. The child’s first taste of freedom.

Over the years, miles are travelled. I’ve been dumped outside shops, fields, ditches. I’ve had labels stuck to me, but always removed, ice cream dripped on me and caked in many different kinds of mud. Scratches, dents and repairs.

But a child’s bike, while built to handle the toughest of roads, has one flaw; the child grows.

I’ve been passed on to siblings, cousins and neighbours. I’ve travelled around Ireland to different families. And each new excited child has crossed out the former owners name and had their own written on my crossbar. My once bright yellow frames is now stripped with the names and memories of many.
I’ve crossed seas. A little girl came from Belarus and I returned with her. I’ve been passed on since then.
Many hands.
Many feet.
Many first flights for this bumblebee.
Many first tastes of freedom.


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