15 May 2008

That’s not a man bag, its a school bag

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The Crabling Otter that is Darren confessed that he carries a man bag. Needless to say Granddad is disgusted (so no surprise there). However I have a bag with me now. Its a backpack (no single strap stylish bags for me) filled with bits and pieces of my pack rat existence, and its a school bag again. I also have a Hermès Kelly bag, but more about that at the end of the post.

A selection of programming language textbooks on a shelf. Levels and colors adjusted in the GIMP.Image via Wikipedia

The bag is filled with the usual important bits and pieces. USB Memory stick, the non tech part of a MMC memory card, cables, book, screwdriver, multi-tool and pliers, cables, headphone bits, cables, book, pen and paper and of course cables. And books. And bits and pieces for my class.

One of the guys in my class asked my why I didn’t blog about, well, the class (yes I’ve gotten new readers, and I’ll link to them when I get them blogging) and I couldn’t see why not. I’m studying Software Development in Fás. And yes, I’ve been programming for years, but given that my background was in mathematics, and most of my working life was making databases do things that they shouldn’t do, I’ve not studied computer languages properly. Yes I’ve inhaled manuals due to a particular project requiring it, or simply because I wanted to, but not formally. I think my pfd collection shows that.

And yes I will blog if I get any formal certification along the way. And no I’m not referring to a diploma from Miskatonic University (got to love Lovecraft), which in also in my PDF collection along with my e-text books and paper models.

Which brings me to Hermès and the Hermès website which thanks to a link on the Paper Forest site I found out is offering a downloadable set of paper model Hermès Kelly handbags. The real one is a very expensive hand bag named after Grace Kelly (hence the name). These paper bags are an official release from the Hermès web site and comes in eight versions including a plain blank one for customisation.

I wonder if I can write code on it?

take care against paper cuts,
Will Knott