20 Oct 2008

Pushing louder

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I’m not late yet.

The Tuesday Push for this week is LouderVoice who have just launched a range of business services. This means that you can “white label” your reviews. Or to put it another way, your site features reviews, by your customers, of your products or services, but you don’t have the hassle of creating a reviews platform along with everything else.

LouderVoice Badge

All the pain of creating a review system is taken off your hands. You get to define exactly where reviews appear on your site, who can review/comment and how all of that content appears. The effort involved in adding reviews to a site using this approach is very low.

Reviewing is easy, and you can do it by blog post, SMS text, Twitter, Jaiku and even logging in to LouderVoice (how quaint).

You also get a little review and link juice for your site if you want it.

More importantly, LouderVoice is open for more ideas to make things better for you.

Its not just me who thinks they are good, they’ve been short-listed for New Company of The Year by The Irish Software Association.

And if you look very carefully on the LouderVoice, you can see some reviews I’ve done in the past. I think I’ll have to start doing them again soon.

take care,
Will Knott

Well that was fun. Head knackering fun, but fun none the less.

The Open Coffee Club BBQ took place last night. And thank you to Evert Bopp for setting up the event, getting the people in Terryglass, and supplying the food.


Actually, getting the food and the chef in one place. The meat was supplied by SulMeat.com, a Tralee based supplier is responsible for the ribs, smothered in Deborah Hadley‘s own Spicendipity Two Brew BBQ sauce before cooking (so good, bones were nibbled). She also supplied the brownies (that mostly the kids found), the mix for which is also available. I’m sure we’ll find out how the Belfast co-working boys handle the cooking.

Conor O’Neill is also responsible for the first BBQ sitting during the talks.
first BBQ

The technical bits and talks beforehand were really good (waiting for the slide packs to become available), and I’m currently annotating the photos I took, including the competitors of the “Dragon’s Den” contest, won by the talented Daudi Kutta of Pitchside Products for his GAA design products.

The meeting people and associating online tags with faces (Do I really look like my twitter avatar?) around the glowing coals was also fun. But eventually the cold got to most of the crowd.

Now, I need more sleep,
take care,
Will Knott