7 Aug 2014

A rainbow smile on Saint Patrick's Street ?

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A rainbow smile on Saint Patrick's Street ?

A rainbow smile on Saint Patrick’s Street

3 Aug 2014

Say it with pop?

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Say it with pop?

Say it with pop

Sometimes Life offers you two equally appealing choices. Both on Thursday June 12.

On the one hand, at 6.30pm the CorkDev.io crew (of which I am a member) is presenting in Sample Studios' auditorium a John Henry Donovan talk about the Designer-Developer relationship. you see, the line between the Web Designer and Web Developer has become slightly blurred over the last few years with both roles having to take on extra skills to keep up (dang you HTML5). But has this led to contention in the ranks?  More news following the talk which also includes talks on Angular Classy and the IBM BlueMix project.

Meanwhile downriver in the Clarion Hotel the ISACA is presenting Emerging Trends in IT security which presents insights on the ever-changing threat analysis scene. Interesting stuff, and I would really like to see if my droid aps can alert me to the pwonpads and other attacks almost guaranteed to be going through the hotel wi-fi.

Not that I'd be doing any of these…
Decisions and indeed decisions.?

23 Jan 2014

Grow your own

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Want to play with biotechnology in the same way that others are playing with programming and 3D printing? More and more people are grappling with this question as DIYbio becomes a household word, but the first project is always the hardest.

Well Cathal Garvey, and yes he’s Cork based, aims to change that, and create a beginner’s kit for biotechnology that not only makes it easier to accomplish, but gives you the scope and fundamental knowledge to take it further at your own pace, learning by making.

To make this happen, he need your help, and your cash. He’s put together an IndieBB campaign (think KickStarter for Indie projects) to get a kit in people’s hands. In return for your commitment (and cash) you can opt to receive the bacteria and DNA that you need to undertake your first experiment in genetic engineering. You can even receive a kit containing equipment and extra goodies that set you on your way to a personal or community biolab! Or just some cool stickers.

Take a look at the project, because I know I’m probably going to try to arrange a visit to the lab, but maybe not resist uncomfortable Dr Frankenfurter jokes to his face.

The link is http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indiebb-your-first-gmo?

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IndieBB: Your First GMO
IndieBB: a DNA system designed to help you and your friends to explore genetic engineering and synthetic biology by making fluorescent bacteria at home.

1 Jan 2013

200km apart but may be different worlds

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Guess which is the Dublin calendar and which is the Cork calendar?

5 Aug 2012

For a dragon runs through it

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Cork has its own legends, but it turns out that even the creation of the Lee Valley has its own creation myth.

A dragon carved the channel out of limestone as he rushed to the sea.

Limestone when mixed with stomach acid forms a highly flammable, lighter than air gas… Perfect for a flying dragon.

Sam Hamilton, the gentleman in the top hat, works with Cork Community Art Link and created this steam punk dragon on behalf of +Cork Pride. Cork Pride is the owner of the shiny metal beast and expect it to wander around the country for a while yet.

30 May 2012

Red 5 with the Rebels

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Red 5 Studios are creating one heck of a First Person Shooter MMO. Oddly, a large portion of Red 5 Studio is made from former Blizzard employees. Guess who has their European headquarters in Cork.

Welcome to Cork Red 5 Studio.

Based on what the Extra Credits crew are saying, you are going to be a shining addition for Cork (for Browncoat shiny at least).

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27 May 2012

Dance robot dance

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“Dance, Its all I want to do” — Kylie Minogue “All The Lovers”

All me to introduce you to a very special Cork woman; Joanne O’Riordan.

She is a young woman, born without limbs, who uses technology everyday, much like us all, to have an average life. I didn’t say “normal”, mainly because I’m not sure what normal is. She has effectively changed government directions already, and she isn’t even past starting yet.

She has put up a challenge to the technologies communities around the world to build her a robot.
I’m not sure she is actually after a robot, a robot being an autonomous artificial form. I suspect that a limb she can control is a but closer to what she is after.

But its a challenge.

However I’m offering a sincere possible counter challenge. Learn how to build one yourself.
I’m a mentor at CoderDojo in Cork. I’d also like to learn and teach how to make a robot. A controlled limb. A walking bi, quad or hexapedal creature.

But be adventurous, why build a limb to pick things up, when you could create a being to dance. Change expectations, challenge what others think is the norm.

Create something, something designed to cause wonder.

Build something, learn how to build something, teach others how to build something.

So, care to take up the invitation? (And I’m looking for an excuse to use a few books)

This is a Loose Bloggers Consortium post, and I’m playing catch up,  on the themes of  “Dance”, “Dominion and stewardship” (robot is based on the Czech word for slave), “Sincerity”, “Change” and “Invitations”…
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14 Aug 2011

When fantasy MMO heists go wrong

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“Bad dragon. I only told you to blow the bloody dwarfs off” — overheard

8 Jul 2011

QR Photomosaic

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This came up in a conversation on a TOG mailing list. Its source was the comment by a electronic image manipulation project and the possibility of getting extra marks from the use of stenography to hide messages within the exhibition.

What came to my mind was, well , why not create a QR Code of the message and then generate a photo-mosaic of the QR code using the exhibition pictures as the mosaic source.

He asked for an example…

Here you go…

corkprideQR Mosaic02

To generate this you need three things.

1) A large collection of photographs (or pictures) in electronic form.

2) A QR code and

3) Photomosaic software.

Photomosaics have gone out of style, so that might be why it hasn’t been done before.

In my case, I took a lot of photographs of the recent Cork Pride Festival. So my source were about 400 of the festival’s photos that were uploaded to FaceBook.

Then I needed a CQ Code. I used the Kaywa generator.  Not for any particular reason, I just wanted a quick QR code. The code above, when scanned will link to the Cork Pride Festival site.

So then I needed the generation software. I used the portable version of the Andrea Mosaic Software. It could be more intuitive, but its free with the only request being “give a shout out to Andrea Mosaic” if you use it. Perfect for an example.

So, there is the example, let me know if you have any problems scanning it. The larger version is hosted on Pix.ie, but at 5mb image meant for A3 printing, I’m not going to be e-mailing it to anyone other than the Cork Pride media team to add to their archive.

So how long before you see it being used in an advert folks?