1 Jan 2013

200km apart but may be different worlds

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Guess which is the Dublin calendar and which is the Cork calendar?

28 Dec 2012

Just saying that this is Dublin

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"I still believe in Bewley's"… I think that's the only line you would need to change to do a version of this in any Irish town or city. I still believe in Sir Henry's, I still believe in King John's, I still believe in Eyre Square…

So take a walk through very late night Dublin City, with salty (NSFW) language and a fundamental truth, "there are ten good reasons to go, but a thousand tiny ones not to, and you can't tell which is which anymore."

11 Oct 2012

Dublin double rainbow

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Sometimes when it rains in Ireland, we need twice the normal cheer up.

4 Sep 2012

Viewing underground

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The River Poddle was covered up a long time ago. The fact that the rive runs under the Olympia Theatre and under Dublin Castle gives you an idea of the tunnel's age.

The wide streets of Cork are actually covered over rivers… Are there any photographs of this aspect of Hidden Cork?

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River Poddle underneath the city of Dublin's streets
Pictures of Dublin's River Poddle underground, making its way underneath Temple Bar in culverts built during the medieval period; these exclusive pictures were taken by an insider.

27 Jul 2012

Bacon and Maple Ice Cream

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Feel like a fry up, or maybe ice cream for breakfast on a hot sunny day? Try Bacon and Maple Ice Cream.

A tasty salty and sweet combination on a bloody hot Dublin day. Furlong & Kehoe in the Liberties.

26 Jun 2012


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A shot of a Starbucks from inside a Starbucks. In Dublin.

Starbucks recently took over the old Westmoreland Street Bewley's cafe, and put a different restaurant in the old dining hall at the back (no idea about the hotel), however another Starbucks built up in November already exists on Westmoreland Street. And the large College Green shop is around the corner.

Does Ireland drink that much expensive coffee?

13 Jun 2012

On the fake shelf

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I had to see the fake Capel Street Bookshelf for myself. It seems that the junction box designed to look like a book shelf is to honour Ireland's first public library, on Capel Street.

Since +David Maybury was there, a number of books have been added, but no QR codes to Gutenberg.org


12 Jun 2012

Get me stickers

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No seriously. Get me stickers, print the QR code that Gutenberg.org has for every title and then make a fake bookshelf filled with access to real books.

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Capel Street Bookshelf
Someone very clever created a blank bookshelf on Capel Street in Dublin… and I let loose with a sharpie!

27 Mar 2011


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Things are currently warming up (eventually there will be daffodil photos) but in the meantime… a reminder of how cold it was this winter.


And the tree seems to have been killed by the cold. I’ll know for sure next storm.

14 Feb 2010

Kissing circle

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kissing circle

Sometimes chance smiles, other times she points and laughs. This shot is a bit of both.

I noticed the “cut-out” in the Samuel Beckett Bridge, and that through it you could see some of Dublin’s landmarks. As I was focusing the couple on the other side of the bridge turned to kiss.


Just as a car pulled in front of the vista leaving its radio areal in the shot.

Oh well.

I’m sure someone will stage this shot soon enough. A wedding party perhaps?
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