29 Jul 2008

Ms. James and the Dragons

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More Open Coffee Club BBQ photos, this time from the Dragons’ Den.


This is E. Alana James, Ed.D. of Reinventing Life facing down the Dragons.

She is opening a consulting business whose purpose is to facilitate the NGOs or charity organizations’ communication process to include dynamic web interaction and social media tools.

The result of a few hours of consulting can be a redistribution of communication and communication methods, so that clients, funders and all interested parties gain easy access to the benefits of the organization. This redesigned process will result in increased support, especially important during low economic times and will make use of free or open source internet technologies.


I should have more from the den tomorrow,
take care,
Will Knott

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22 Jul 2008


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at Open Coffee Club Barbecue in Terryglass


Let me know if you don’t want to be identified.

take care,
Will Knott

21 Jul 2008

A wary hello

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Meet Emer,


The disclosing Sabrina Dent is Emer’s mammy. And both attended the Open Coffee BBQ in Terryglass.

I expect the details of OCC BBQ II will be with us shortly.

Well that was fun. Head knackering fun, but fun none the less.

The Open Coffee Club BBQ took place last night. And thank you to Evert Bopp for setting up the event, getting the people in Terryglass, and supplying the food.


Actually, getting the food and the chef in one place. The meat was supplied by SulMeat.com, a Tralee based supplier is responsible for the ribs, smothered in Deborah Hadley‘s own Spicendipity Two Brew BBQ sauce before cooking (so good, bones were nibbled). She also supplied the brownies (that mostly the kids found), the mix for which is also available. I’m sure we’ll find out how the Belfast co-working boys handle the cooking.

Conor O’Neill is also responsible for the first BBQ sitting during the talks.
first BBQ

The technical bits and talks beforehand were really good (waiting for the slide packs to become available), and I’m currently annotating the photos I took, including the competitors of the “Dragon’s Den” contest, won by the talented Daudi Kutta of Pitchside Products for his GAA design products.

The meeting people and associating online tags with faces (Do I really look like my twitter avatar?) around the glowing coals was also fun. But eventually the cold got to most of the crowd.

Now, I need more sleep,
take care,
Will Knott

21 Aug 2007

Thanks Conn and Mike

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The thing I found most interesting thing about the last Open Coffee Cork event wasn’t that it was livecast on uStream.tv (recording available) or the conversations which followed but watching Conn Ó Muíneacháin and Mike “Festoon” Kiely set up the system for the live feed.

Which goes to prove that I focus on the wrong thing most of the time.

Oddly, I don’t think anyone changed much with the arrival of the camera (as the number of people not looking at the camera probably attests). Part of this was due to the delay in setting things up. The part one: meet and greet was buffeted with microphones moving around (turned off) and a camera being connected and disconnected… so by the time everything started, we were used to the bloody things.

Sorry, but the microphone problems meant that everyone was comfortable with the things being there (the chat at the table has been going for some time before the stream let alone the recording started). That and the fortunate positioning of the “type 2″s next to each other.

I’m not too sure about who gets the stream next, but use the set-up to calm the nerves.

I can only say thanks for the livecast and congratulations on what happens next.


Are Podcamp Kilkenny and Barcamp Galway going to be livestreamed too?

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Most of you know by now that the Limerick Open Coffee meeting had an interesting pair of visitors, namely Patrick Collison and John Collison of Auctomatic.

The talk was Livestreamed on Ustream.tv by Conn Ó Muíneacháin and Bernie Goldbach has a podcast available.

I would comment about it, but I’m late to the party so I’ll let Aidanf Conor O’Neill and James Corbett do a much better job. Besides I’m mostly be repeating their comments), but right now you can see the potential value of the Paddy’s Valley tour. Remember that the pair left Limerick to go to the Valley in order to get things started.

On the other hand… there is Walter of Pixenate (who suspiciously suffered from a DOS attack after these comments, no connection I’m sure) commented on Twitter about the really weird offer being made by the Irish Venture Capital Association. On Thursday 27th September 2007 the IVCA training programme is ‘How to Raise Venture Capital’ developed in conjunction with the Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship. In otherwords, the IVCA is telling bright and talented Irish Startups how to get money off the IVCA. And is charging the people they might give money tois that circular logic or recursion?

I’m sure someone would be willing to comment and explain this to me?

take care,
Will Knott

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