29 Apr 2008

Light breeze

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I’ve asked this question a few times. “We have solar powered lights. Why can’t we have wind powered lights?”. Think about it. These garden lights are not the brightest, but they look good in the garden (which is their entire point). Being powered by a renewable source gives you freedom as to how you place them. But given the amount of light we get in Ireland during the winter, when the lights are needed the most, why isn’t there a wind powered light.

Wind Farm_1Image by Mancio7B9 via Flickr

Now there is.

Firewinder is a wind powered light, or rather a series of them in a vertical column which rotates in the wind. The rotation generates power which is used by shining (and pulsing LEDs at the end of the column. Its a little hard to describe but watch the video of the light in action and you can see how it works.

Watching the video, it occurred to me that these things look like they could cause epileptic fits (hence no embedded video). So beautiful, but might be deadly after all. Given that I’d like to plant up a medieval style poison garden (medicine garden doesn’t sound anything as good), I might as well have dangerous lights.

Pity I can’t afford version one, but by version three I might have the readies.

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