“So when are you going to upload those photos?”
John, the stage manager wanted to know.

“I’ve uploaded the first lot, Well there is a bit of editing to do, and I’m getting home late, and I’ve an exam…”
“So you’re lazy?”

Well now with the exam over (this morning) and a bit of time, I’ve finished editing the 230 photos from my second night of stewarding Corcadorca‘s production of “The Hairy Ape” by Eugene O’Neill.

The delay is caused by the photos themselves, and the fact that I try to take them circumspectly during the show. The first lot has blurring problems. The easiest way to fix this is to reduce the shutter speed… but I’m taking photographs in low light. Reducing the shutter speed simply makes things darker.

So I have to increase the gamma levels on each photograph. And yes, I love the gimp right now.

Which means you can take photograph files like this…

and turn them in to something like this…

or even better.
this dark and hidden photo…

can turn in to this
where you can make out the faces of Peter Gowen (seated at the bottom) who plays “Yank”, Hector Harkness (standing) who plays “Long” and Will O’Connell (seated on the top with the bare feet) who plays “Stoker”.

Here you can clearly see Frank O’Sullivan, who plays “Paddy” when he was an indistinct mass on the unedited photo. The main problem is, you need to edit every photograph to see if there is any salvageable data in there.

I know I would have simply deleted the “empty” shots before now.


take care,
and take a shot of the dark.
Will Knott

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